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Discussion Highlights: Altered History Historical Fantasy

Last Week’s Discussion:
Altered History Historical Fantasy

In light of some of the books I’ve read lately, I decided I needed to bring this to the table before this becomes a trope and gets out of hand. I love throwing magic into the real world past, but to assume nothing would change is just foolish. Though, I failed history. So, perhaps I’m wrong. :p Let’s see what the discussioners had to say!

Adam said:

“I would also ask, why? If the author believes history would remain unchanged to such an extent, then what reason is there to include magic in this story? It sounds like a needless complication.”

JR said:

“I agree, something like this would change everything. Even if history stayed the same, it would be different, you know?”

Karladia said:

“I agree that magic should not be an afterthought. It’s a game-changer, a force that alters the world. Very careful rules and impacts should be dictated for it. However, I disagree that old prejudices would not exist. In every fantasy I’ve read, magic users are either feared or in power.”

Well, it looks like quite a few people agree with me on this. Magic would have an effect on our history. It would change our history. However, the extent and specifics of what would change are clearly still up for debate. Will we ever truly know? Not unless someone’s invented time travel! Haha!

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Politics in YA Fiction


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