Jan/Feb Update


Wow. Just… wow. I have been so unaware of time slipping by that I never even did a January wrap-up. 0.0 Well, I guess that means we’ll do a two-month update this time! :p


Ah, writing. You little devil. You have been both in plain sight and illusive in the past two months. This has been both infuriating and amazing, and has somehow led to a brand new draft of one of my novels. In other words…

I sent it to betas! Woo! *throws confetti*

As we speak, my lovely and amazing and faithful and loyal and (insert a gazillion other praise-filled adjectives here) are pouring over my new YA scifi novel and tearing it to SHREDS! At least, I hope they are. I can only learn how to be a better writer through criticism. So, here’s hoping! 😀


Reading! Oo! This one has gone much better than writing. Haha! Since the beginning of this lovely new year, 2017, I have managed to read 10 books! That’s a lot for two months and it puts me ahead of my reading schedule for my Goodreads challenge! Woo!

My only disappointment with this is the number of ebooks I’ve read thus far. *leh sigh* Anyone who follows my blog knows how much of a book hoarder I am. I buy books even knowing I haven’t read any books since I last bought books. Thus, they are piling up and… I might actually be losing my room to them! 0.0

So! After finishing with these last few eARCs I’ve been granted through Netgalley, I shall refrain from requesting more ARCs until I can make a sizable dent in my physical TBR. Yes. *nods determinedly* Yes, this shall work.


Oh. Right… Blogging. Um… well, this one hasn’t been so good, not from lack of time or lack of care, but lack of enthusiasm. I took a big assessment of my blog at the end of last year and didn’t see if going where I wanted it to go. I felt like I was putting too much effort in for the little amount of interaction I was receiving from readers, which has to do with content. The type of content, specifically. As a result, I cut a lot of my regular weekly posts out.

Now, I only post book reviews and bookish discussions (+highlights), which isn’t a lot. It means I’m only posting 3x/week, but for right now, I’m going to keep with that. Less blogging = more writing/editing, reading, and filming (which I did a LOT of back in January! You should check out my videos! ^.^) Still, I hope you lovely people will continue to support me in 2017 because I still love bringing content to you all and reading your comments!

Book Reviews
Uninvited by Sophie Jordan {5 Stars}
The Bear and The Nightingale by Katherine Arden {2 Stars}
The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger {2 Stars}
Wither by Lauren DeStefano {4 Stars}
Lost Girls by Merrie Destefano {5 Stars}
Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones {2 Stars}
Gilded Cage by Vic James {1 Star}
Angelfall by Susan Ee {3 Stars}
Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller {3 Stars}

{Highlights} Love at First Sight
New Years Resolutions: Good or Bad
{Highlights} New Years Resolutions
Dark YA
{Highlights} Dark YA
Skin Color Portrayal in YA
English Education
{Highlights} English Education
Romanticizing the Apocalypse
{Highlights} Romanticizing the Apocalypse
Aspiring ‘Writer’
{Highlights} Aspiring ‘Writer’
Love Triangles
{Highlights} Love Triangles
Altered History Historical Fantasy
{Highlights} Altered History Historical Fantasy

Best Debut Novel of 2016
Friday Fandom Fight: Round 1
Best YA Romance EVER
WINTERSONG Blog Tour: Q&A with S. Jae-Jones

2016 Reading Challenge Update
I need your help!
Welcome to the tube, the YOUtube!


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