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Discussion Highlights: Reading Multiple Books

Last Week’s Discussion:
Reading Multiple Books

I have sooo many books to read and not enough time. So, I debated trying to read multiple books at once, but I’m so worried about getting the two books mixed up. And then my reviews would be messed up! But maybe there is a trick to reading multiple books at once, hmm? Let’s check with the discussioners!

Deanna said:

“I can’t read more than one book at a time, but I do listen to an audio book at work and then read a physical book at home. […] I have no idea how people can read more than one physical book at the same time. I’ve tried in college, but I get the plots and characters confused.”

Trent said:

“If a book is good, I get pulled into the universe and can do nothing else except read it until I am done. […] If I am a third of the way into a book and haven’t been sucked in, I don’t finish. So, the question is, where in there is there room for reading a second book, not to mention a third or fourth?”

Anna said:

“I definitely used to be a polygamous reader, but I’ve recently started just reading one book at a time. I find I give up on books less if I’m only reading one at a time. I tended to always read the most interesting books on my bedside table and neglect the others when I was reading several at a time.”

Adam said:

“I think a lot depends on why and how a person prefers to read. It may well be that some who read multiple books at the same time get them confused, but don’t mind that.”

JR said:

“If the books are different enough, I could manage two at once. Like one non-fiction, and two genre fiction stories in separate genres would be doable. But if I don’t like a book enough to do this, then I’ll just stop reading it.”

Danielle said:

“I generally read 2 to 3 books at a time. Never more than 3 though haha. […] I do not know how to explain it other than comparing it to watching several television series. It works the same way for me. I have never had issues when it is time to review.”

Klara said:

“I definitely read more than one book at a time. Sometimes, I am involved in up to 5 different books!😅 That’s because I have to read a lot for uni, and I read for my blog, for my business and then there are also those books that just came into the stores or presents and then there are always audiobooks and yeah.. “

Lucinda said:

“I always read about 4-5 books at the same time. Am I weird? I just can’t resist starting a new book the second I get it! I usually read lots of different genres so that help me to keep the storylines straight and if two start to get confused I’ll leave one of them and come back to it later.”

Pam said:

“I do read multiples, but have one print, one audio, and one ebook. I try to have them different enough to be able to remember which is which, but it doesn’t always work.”

Karladia said:

“I read very slowly too, under 20 books a year. When I read multiples, I tend to read two books, one every other day. That way, I keep them compartmentalized. My reading speed drives me crazy, and I often get impatient for the other books on my TBR List.”

Debby said:

“I do read multiple books at a time, but it has to be different genres. I will carry my kindle in my purse every where I go which usually has a Netgalley ARC on it. So if that is a romance book and I read it during the day on lunch break or whatever, then at home before bed I will usually read a fantasty, sci-fi or YA…”

Wow! A lot of people read multiple books at once, but there seem to be a couple tricks: read books in separate genres to keep them more separate or read them in different mediums: physical, digital, audio. I’m not sure if any of these will work for me, but I’m willing to give it a shot! ^.^ And look at all the amazing readers out there! Keep reading, everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Reading Multiple Books”

  1. There were some really great tips in the comments! I think the ‘ different genre’ tip keeps things apart, really. I can’t remember ever reading books that were extremely similar at the same time, so I never really thought about mixing them up.

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