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Discussion Highlights: Are Writers more Empathetic?

Last Week’s Discussion:
Are Writers more Empathetic?

This was a question I asked out of curiosity to see what others would think. After all, writers are capable of portraying a wide variety of emotions within their stories. Is that because they understand people better, can empathize with them more? Or is it for another reason? Let’s see what the discussioners had to say!

Simon said:

“This is a difficult one, how does one measure empathy? I think it would be easy for someone to think this, maybe it would be better to say that they can’t contain the the things they feel within them and it spills out onto the page?”

JR said:

“I think authors are at least better at faking it. Is this empathy? I’m not sure.”

Trent said:

“I don’t think all writers are super empathetic and i don’t think all people who are super empathetic are writers, but I do agree that it is a good combination. I think people with loads of empathy are drawn to expressing themselves and it usually comes out with the written word.”

Rae said:

“First my question is, are writers more empathetic than whom? I feel like that’s way too broad to give a direct answer to. I also don’t agree that you have to be a writer to understand and empathize with people from different backgrounds.”

B. L. said:

“I think writers may be more inherently empathetic, and I believe writing may actually make people more empathetic because of the exploration of emotions involved.”

Well, I have been quite corrected. First off, writers is too broad a group and non-writers is too broad a group to really compare them to each other. Secondly, it seems that there are many examples of ‘writers’ who lack empathy or have attempted it and failed. So, perhaps empathy is simply a matter of individual basis, molded by our nature and nurture. Who can really say when there is no way to measure empathy?

Check out this week’s discussion on Thursday at 10am EST:
Opposites Attract


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