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Discussion Highlights: Cover Reboots

Last Week’s Discussion:
Cover Reboots

Lots of bookish trends out there and I’m starting to realize that I don’t like very many of them. In fact, I’m not sure I like any of them, but that’s another discussion. This week, I focused in on cover reboots because it’s been really catching my eye because I wanted to see if I was the only one bothered by this or if publishing companies aren’t listening to their readers. What did the discussioners have to say?

Danielle said:

“While I feel your frustration and agree with you here, I have also witnessed the plus side to cover “reboots” recently. […] The new covers drew much deserved attention to a series that might have sadly slid through the cracks. So while I hate change, I do understand the decision at times and support the new life and audience it can bring”

Eve said:

“Changing covers in the middle of a series is SO FRUSTRATING. Like, sometimes new covers can be fun but it’s really annoying to not have matching covers, I agree!”

Orangutan Librarian said:

“Yes- we totally all judge books by their cover!! (I don’t really know who says otherwise these days!) I agree with you so much here!! It’s such a frustrating thing that publishers do!!”

Rae said:

“I wouldn’t mind if they finish the first round and then continue to make them like you said. If I buy the first book and the rest of the covers don’t match, I’m going to be upset.”

Stephanie said:

“Completely concur. Sometimes they’ll even keep the original cover for the first HC and then change the covers for the next HC and the paperbacks…it drives me INSANE! I agree with you so much: keep a cover and stick with it, or change all the covers and leave the old ones accessible for awhile.”

Trent said:

“I can’t see changing the cover in the middle of the series, but covers do and have changed pretty much forever. […] I’m not sure what the average life span of a book cover is, but I’d say between 5 years and a decade. Never seen anything longer.”

Deanna said:

“I don’t mind if a book changes it cover. I do mind if they change the cover in the middle of a series. It messes up my bookshelf and I don’t like it.”

Well, it would seem that there are quite a few people who agree with me in regards to cover reboots. There are a couple of circumstances where change may be appropriate, but more often than not it simply upsets the readers and causes serious bookshelf chaos. And no one wants an angry reader on their hands. Perhaps publishers will heed our warnings and stop messing with our books!

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2 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Cover Reboots”

  1. Thanks for doing a round-up of the discussion! I’m terrible about keeping track of conversations like this online. (I would blame technology, but it’s just me. Definitely all me.)

    And for the record, I don’t care if a book gets a new cover as long as it’s a pretty one. 😉

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