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Discussion Highlights: Hardcover vs Paperback

Last Week’s Discussion:
Hardcover vs Paperback

This is an age-old topic, but I never paid much attention. I never used to care… until now. Now I care and now I will defend my preference to the death! … *crickets* Just kidding! Haha! But I do have a preference and I wanted to see if other readers did, too. Let’s see what the discussioners had to say, shall we?

Tanja said:

“I prefer hardcovers, but have noticed that I have fewer compunctions about making marks in paperbacks. But you might be as appalled at the idea of underlining or commenting in books as you are of stacking them sideways, or not organizing them according to height?!”

B. L. said:

“Paperbacks. Price and portability.”

Dreamer said:

“Hard cover for sure! I get so into my books that paperbacks usually get bent (not on purpose of course). Plus, most of the time hardcovers have prettier covers, and I feel like they are easier to hold on to when reading.”

JR said:

“I prefer audiobooks or eBooks! “

Stephanie said:

“I have no organization on my shelves because the min I got my shelf, I just started getting books off the floor. I have one shelf that’s too short and almost skins the top of my books, so I have to empty the contents and move it up…just feels like such a pain. And now I’m thinking of stacking horizontally to use the wasted space above the vertical books…so I’m thinking of turning all my books flat and stacking them on the shelf that way!”

Simon said:

“But seriously I prefer a hardback if I know I’m going to keep the book – I have in fact bought the hardback of books I have read the paperback version of for that reason. But I also love some of the paperbacks I’ve bought and not replaced despite the fact they’re worn, I don’t know maybe it’s a reminder of the times shared.”

Danielle said:

“I always struggle with this question because I am a bed reader, and well paperback is much lighter. But to be honest, I am also a book collector. So hardcover wins. For all of the valid points you have listed. They are durable, beautiful and so accommodating to my hoarding habits “

Matxi said:

“Hardcovers for their prettyness and quick releases.
Paperbacks for their easy access, price and standarized sizes?¿? hahaha But after all that, the fact is that I only get paperbacks and love them!”

It would seem there is quite a bit of a divide in regards to who buys what. Though, there are some common themes as to what readers think about paperbacks vs hardcovers; durability and visual appeal play a huge role in that. Still, it seems everyone agreed on one thing: …I’m crazy! :p Thanks, guys!

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Re-reading Books

17 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Hardcover vs Paperback”

        1. Yasss girl. You know it. I try to not focus on it too long but it’s annoying. Same with books that don’t have a matching height. I think that bothers me more than whether or not they are all paperback or hardback.

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        1. Lol that funny cause I had only one set of HP books but 1-3 were pale back and 4-7 were hard back so during a Bookoutlet sale I bought the paperback edition of them all and they are beautiful. Just stunning. I am trying to not repurchase books based on their format UNLESS it’s dirt cheap aka a library books sale.

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            1. I discovered them this past October and I have identified them to be uber dangerous. The two times I have hit them up Ive come back with more than 20 books. My shelves can’t take that kind of damage anymore * said while looking up the next sale *.

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              1. Oh! I know! I bought $60 worth of books on my second binge from BookOutlet (thus increasing my TBR well past 70 unread books that I OWN), and thus have been forced to refrain from buying more. Though, I will admit, it is quite a struggle. I mean… perfectly healthy books, at low prices?? How can one really restrain themselves?! That’s like asking someone not to BREATHE!

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  1. I was out of town and missed this week’s discussion. I vote paperback, though. It’s odd, because to me the big discussion these days is more e-reader vs. hard-copy….

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