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Discussion Highlights: Re-Reading Books

Last Week’s Discussion:
Re-Reading Books

Man! People are always talking about re-reading books that they’ve enjoyed and I just can’t help but think: “Why are you wasting time?!” There are so many new books out there to read. I can’t imagine spending time reading something I’ve already read when my TBR is haunting my ever move. So, what’s the point? Let’s ask the discussioners!

Sophie said:

“I rarely re read books but if I do it will be for the quality of the penmanship as obvioulsy I already know the ending. Some authors like Amy Harmon have so beautiful writing though or glorious love stories that I don’t mind re reading them sometimes.”

Adam said:

“For me re-reading is often more relaxing than reading for the first time. […] I often look for the books that really necessitate re-reading to recognize and appreciate everything that’s going on.”

Deepa Nilamani said:

“I used to re-read when I was very young – the Enid Blyton’s books ect. Not now. I cannot read a story book again. For that matter now I am not into story books 😛 More into other subjects that I am now interested and studying. May be partly my age ?”

Rae said:

“I’m with you. I don’t consider myself a fast reader so I don’t want to waste time rereading when I can read something new. The only time that I would consider rereading is if I didn’t have anything new but…..I always do lol”

Shanah said:

“I’ve recently started rereading favourites and it’s been a great experience! Going back into a story knowing what’s going to happen allows you to focus on the details you may have forgotten or missed because you didn’t have the whole picture. Not to mention it’s like visiting an old friend. But it’s still hard to reread lol”

Jessica said:

“I can’t imagine life WITHOUT re-reading certain books. It’s like visiting a good friend; comfortable, warm, familiar and there’s sometimes scones with jam and cream. As you suggested, like with movies, when I go back and reread I pick up certain things I missed the first time around.”

Sea said:

“There is so much media in the world that it is impossible to engage with all of it. Lots of it, if we’re being honest, is only average, and my life will not be changed at all by consuming it. It’s always a gamble to invest your time in something new that may not be worth it; it’s a pretty safe bet that if you invest time in something you loved before, you’ll love it again.”

Trent said:

“Why would you listen to a song more than once? i can take any song I’ve listened to in my life and play it back in my head, every note. I’ve sat down at the keyboard I am in the correct key 95% of the time even if I haven’t heard the song since I was a teen or younger. So why listen again? Because the act of listening to that song makes me feel a certain way and experience life in a specific way while I’m listening, a way that only that one song can do.”

Kim said:

“I’m big into re-reading which is bad since I don’t have a tbr pile, I have a tbr mountain! Still, there certain books I go back and re-read for a variety of reasons. […] Whenever I’m stressed, depressed or not feeling well I reach for HP. “

Details! Details! Details! This seems to be the biggest reason why people re-read books. They know the main plot, but there is so much more to a story than just the main plot and they want to know all of it. So, they re-read again and again to catch those details. Either that, or it’s a feeling, an enjoyment, a love of the familiar and enjoyed that brings them back to the book. Still… time is precious and I don’t know if I can unguiltily let myself re-read a book. Not… with the size of my TBR. *gulp(

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