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Discussion Highlights: Judge a Book by its Cover

Last Week’s Discussion:
Judge a Book by its Cover

I know I’m not alone in caring about a book’s cover. I mean, covers are everything, right? Right?! They’re essential for catching a prospective reader’s eye and for flaunting on bookshelves. How could you possibly argue that covers aren’t the most important part?! Well, let’s find out from the discussioners!

Stephanie said:

“It’s ALL about the covers…that’s why, if you compare a YA book from 2010-2011 and one now, you will see a significant differences. The art featured more generic faces and more illustrations. Now, books have incredible graphic art that pop from the page […]”

Shanah said:

“I totally agree that covers are everything!!! So many times I’ve been walking through a book store and passed up even reading a synopsis because the cover didn’t appeal to me.”

Tanja said:

“I think a cover […] is not everything. If the book summary does not appeal, I will not buy it simply because of the cover. Also, if I already know and like an author and want to purchase a new book by her, I will still buy it even if I don’t like the cover.”

Jessica said:

“Depends. When I go into a store to BROWSE then yes, covers are the big deciding factor. But I usually BUY books based on recommendations or reviews from friends.”

Rae said:

“Of course we judge covers. It’s hard not to when that’s the first thing we see and cover reveals are such a big deal. I don’t know about anybody else but I also HATE movie covers […]”

Riona said:

“I’m so guilty of judging books by their covers! Especially if I’m going to actually buy it rather than just borrow it from the library.”

Danielle said:

“[I am a] Total cover whore. But I happen to enjoy many of the older, cheesier covers. I make no arguments against [my] addiction.”

Sophie said:

“I would never have read some of my best books based on their covers. It’s because some friends kept pushing these books that I spared them a second glance and tried my luck. I ended loving them! “

B. L. said:

“I rarely go by covers. Mostly because I dislike the current art style of mass published covers. […] I feel like I’m more apt to be deceived by covers these days, so I go by reviews from trusted sources or very specific groups.”

Adam said:

“In a bookstore, I wander, and sometimes I pick up a book, but I almost always jot down the title and look it up later, see what the reviews say.”

Huh. It would seem that not everyone agrees with me on covers being extremely important. Though, given some of my recent reads, I suppose I can understand. Covers may not be everything, but I daresay they are the first step to bringing in new readers who are unfamiliar with the author or series.

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11 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Judge a Book by its Cover”

  1. I definitely agree that they play an important role for some readers, and when you’re trying to appeal to an audience of thousands you really can’t afford to overlook any aspect.

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    1. I think that large audience is the hardest part about it. You can’t please everyone and I think that’s why covers have becoming more bold in recent years. (P.s. sorry for my slow replies on your other comments. I will be getting to them soon.)

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          1. Sounds like a good way to enforce a vacation upon yourself. Hope the weather was nice out there. Seems like you never know what season you’re going to find when you wake up.

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