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Author Q&A with Alisha Klapheke/Plains of Sand & Steel Blog Tour

by Alisha Klapheke

Pub. Date: June 16, 2017
Publisher: Alisha Klapheke
Pages: 325
Formats: Paperback, eBook
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Forced into marriage.

Chosen by Fire.

Determined to do what is right.

Seren will do anything to protect her people. Even if it means hiding the body of their dead ruler and telling a lie that could lead her to a brutal end.

As she struggles to accept her role as leader and fails to resist a mercenary she isn’t allowed to love, an army falls on her city. Seren fights to protect her friends—the only family she has left—but her newfound power turns a possible victory in to a storm of chaos.

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Hi there, Alisha! Thank you for joining us today. What was that first spark that brought the Uncommon World to life?

I read an ancient manuscript that said Wake iron, wake! and wondered what would happen if mercenaries could actually infuse their weapons and bodies with power and extended abilities with just their own words.

What made you decide to write Plains of Sand and Steel from differing POVs? Especially such differing POVs as a mercenary and a royal?

Their stark differences fascinated me. I wanted to get them into the same city and see if I could write two vastly different people during a time when they become friends. Turns out, they had more in common than I realized.

Out of all the characters in your Uncommon World series, which would you trade places with if you had the opportunity? And why?

I’d totally be Seren. I’d be a fabulous ruler. Well, I’d enjoy it. Not sure if my people would be so keen considering I have zero experience in that arena. lol

From the sound of it, there is quite a bit of fighting going on in the Uncommon World. Is this inspired by your own fighting knowledge or did it manifest on its own? How do your unique fighting styles impact your characters’ fighting styles? Do you use the fighting styles to influence magic styles? 😃

Oh I could go on all day about this. What a fun question. I by no means know everything about the styles I teach, but what I do know definitely affects my fight scenes. I love realistic fight scenes but sometimes with a good dose of fantasy fun, so my characters throw a lot of elbows and use a lot more than just weapons to hit and defend. They also have magical abilities that speak to what I feel when I spar—that rush of adrenaline, of power, through the veins.

When building the Uncommon World, where did you pull inspiration from? How did you mold the fantasy world you’ve created?

I pulled from a multitude of cultures and histories. I read history books, visit blogs written by people all over the world, watch way too many youtube videos, travel a bunch, and visit tons of museums. These all provided fodder for the Uncommon World. I love to take an element from one culture and put it with another to see if I can make it work. It teaches me so much about people who live differently than I do. I love it!

Thank you so much for joining us! But before we go, is there anything else you want to add?

Just that I really enjoyed your questions, so thank you for having me!

Award-winning author Alisha Klapheke wants to infuse your life with unique magic, far-flung fantasy settings, and romance. Her inspiration springs from medieval art and artifacts, the world travel she enjoys with her husband, and the fantasy she grew up reading when she was supposed to be doing her math homework.

When she’s not writing, Alisha teaches Thai kickboxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and krav maga at her family’s dojo just outside of Nashville. That may be why writing fight scenes is her favorite.

Kathleen Rushall of Andrea Brown Literary Agency represents Alisha in all things books.

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