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Discussion Highlights: Paying Per Page

Last Week’s Discussion:
Paying Per Page

So… I’m a failsaur. Rawr! I want to first apologize for getting this up late. Thought it was Monday. It’s not. It’s Tuesday (because I had Monday off) and now my WHOLE week is thrown off. *sigh* Sorry, guys.

P.s. Can I cheat and blame it on being sick? 😉 (Honestly, I sounded like a freaking fog horn with how low my voice was today.)

Anyway! So, I’ve been noticing that smaller books in the bookstore cost just as much as the bigger books. That… just doesn’t make sense to me. I mean, you’re getting less content. So, why should you being pay such a high amount? Huh? Why?! TELL ME! :p The discussioners did tell me, in fact. 😉

Jessika said:

“I actually like this idea. It’s also part of the reason why I shy away from novellas and tend to go for the big Stephen King epics. Value for money! As a writer of what will likely be a big fat volume, I’d be really happy with pay by the page!”

Rae said:

“This is interesting. I very rarely pay full price for books anyway so I really don’t know if they should be priced per page. However I definitely agree that novellas shouldn’t cost the same as actual novels. That’s why I always buy them as ebooks for about $2”

B.L. said:

“I think you see more price-per-page strategies in the self-publishing realm. Major media industries need to recoup up front costs from authors, editors, cover artists, marketing, etc. Then still try to turn a profit. That said, the addition of so many “middle men” is their own doing.”

Orangutan Librarian said:

“I definitely agree that, even if there’s a justifiable reason to charge huge amounts for a novel- a novella has got to cost less!! I can’t even stand when they charge too much for them on a kindle- I just get really mad because I already know it’s basically a money making scheme- so why should I be parted with the price of a full length book for what is essentially filler? I just never buy them for that reason.”

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2 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Paying Per Page”

  1. My late two cents to the discussion. When I see a small book costing as much as a big book I don’t usually buy it as I feel cheated. The same with ebooks vs paperback.

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