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Discussion Highlights: Notating… in Books!

Last Week’s Discussion:
Notating… in Books!

Uh… I think everyone knows how much I ABHOR writing in books. Yet I know people do it. Why is that? Why must they ruin the perfection that is those books? Where does this insanity come from?! Let’s ask the discussioners, shall we? 😉

Shanah said:

“No! Never! Couldn’t do it. Like you I’m a perfectionist. If there’s something that i need to remember for the review, or if I like a quote, I will write it down in my notes on my phone.”

Adam said:

“I think it would distract me, and I think if I continued in that practice the book would become so full of notes or highlights that actually reading the original story would become difficult, if not impossible. Instead I prefer to jot down my thoughts/notes in other places, […]”

Rakel said:

“I never take notes in my books, but I want to because I love the idea of doing it”

Sophie said:

“That’s why I love Kindle. You can have notes in your clippings without destroying your book. Except for textbook writing in books is a big no”

Katie said:

“For many of the same reasons I just can’t stand writing/highlighting in a book. My HS English teacher required us to highlight (color coded with HER colors) in our Pride and Prejudice books for a grade. […] That being said, I can see why we had to do that. By making me highlight my book she really got me thinking critically about what I was reading […] After all, a book exists to be enjoyed, not to be kept pristine on a shelf. I, however, will likely never write in a non-textbook again.”

Well, apparently highlighting is good for digestion of the material and writing is good for notes and remembering on re-reads. However, none of those reasons apply to me and there’s always some exposed skin on my wrist to scribble my thoughts down on. Hahahaha! I can’t say this is one discussion I will budge on. Sorry. (Not sorry. 😉 )

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