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Discussion Highlights: Sub-Genre Abyss

Last Week’s Discussion:
Sub-Genre Abyss

As I’m an organized person, I like my lists to be organized, including my book review lists. However… that’s become rather difficult with the constant addition of sub-genres and the countless cross-overs in the market. Thus, I have to wonder: how many genres is too many? Honestly! So I asked the discussioners for some help.

B. L. said:

“Don’t get flummoxed! Just don’t buy into their marketing gimmicks. Use top-level genres to keep it simple, or the primary genre if they are “cross-overs”. Or just rank them from terrible to great.”

Tanja said:

“This was very funny, but I have no helpful suggestions as I am not even familiar with some of the sub-genres you mention. I know, I know, I am dating myself. 🙂 Good luck with your project.”

Adam said:

“I decided to treat genres as tags, rather than categories, other than the basic “science fiction”, “fantasy”, “horror/thriller”, and “realistic fiction”. I feel like the title of the book, or series that contains the book, and the author, should be enough for people to find what they’re looking for, and ratings is a nice option for those who want to see how you rank your books, but beyond that, tags, cause otherwise I would probably go nuts.”

Sophie said:

“First too many sub genre and I’m lost! I chose to differentiate adult from YA as I review both but don’t want to hurt young people’s feelings if they happen to read some “mature” review (read “too steamy”). Then I chose to differentiate between contemporary and the “rest” (sci-fi, distopian, fantasy..) under “Fantasy” as people sometimes want to read only contemporary or… and that’s it!”

Angela said:

“YES sub-genres are the death of me! When I review a book I like to include its age group, genre, and maybe sub-genre to help the reader get a clear idea of what type of book it is I’m reviewing. But sometimes I feel like I have to list a hundred different genres because the cross-over fad is getting out of hand! At least it feels that way to me seeing as I’d rather a book have a nice tidy distinct genre/category”

Simon said:

Simon had so much to say, he made his own post response to this discussion.

Well, it would seem I’m not the only one thinks this sub-genre craze is getting out of hand and needs to be quelled. Until then, though, I suppose I’ll just have to top-level categorize or… never be satisfied with my list. Hahaha! Such is the life of a perfectionist. :p

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Book Length


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