{DISCUSSION} Book Length

Do you choose your next book based on length?

So… everyone reading this (I hope) knows that my physical TBR is ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, IMPOSSIBLY… insane. Last time I checked, I had close to 80 books that I own, but have not yet read. 😵 That’s horrible! I mean, I could understand your TBR on Goodreads being out of control, but I have so many unread books in my house that I’m basically becoming an unread-book hoarder! But… the used books are soooo cheap! 😖 (As such, I’m on a permanent book buying ban… after the Slytherin edition of HP1 shows up in the mail. 😆)

In addition to no longer buying any books (at least until I get down below 50 unread books 😜), I’m also not requesting any ARCs, digital or physical. (Not that I get many anyways. Hee hee.) Because I’m not entirely sure I even have enough shelf space anymore for all the books I have. (I’m between apartments at the moment. So, most are in boxes. 😂) So, until I can get some place permanent and get an accurate count of how many unread books I own, I’m on a book-buying ban. But now comes the hard part:

Which book(s) do I read first? 😳

I think every reader understands the struggles of deciding which book to read next. Sometimes it’s easy because the library doesn’t have a certain book or the bookstore is too expensive to buy that book. However, when you already own all the books you plan to read…

You’re pretty much S.O.L.

At this particular moment, I’m choosing my books based off sequel releases, author events, and ARCs. I just won an ARC of The Dark Breaks the Dawn, and it’s already published, so gotta read that. I’m going to be seeing Susan Dennard next week. Time to read TruthwitchFireblood is coming out soon, currently reading Frostblood. BUT!

What next?

What books I do pick up from my 80+ book pile (or closer to 30 as 50-60 are still in boxes) and decide to read next? How do I pick from my menagerie? Do I read an adult book or YA? Do I read contemporary, scifi, fantasy, historical, etc, etc? Answer is: None of the Above.

I pick my next book based on length.

Now, to some of you that may sound crazy. Many of you likely pick a book because it sounds amazing or it’s just what you’re looking for or your friends are one step shy of murdering you because you haven’t read it yet. Well, I don’t have those problems. 😝 I also am never in the ‘mood’ for a certain book. Thus, I must resort to more logical means to pick my books. (Darn you 50/50 logical/artistic brain. Why must you intrude in these matters! Rawr!)

But why don’t I explain why this works for me, eh?

1) I write book reviews.

One of the biggest reasons that I decide to read shorter books before longer books is my constant need to have books on my review schedule. As many of you know, I review one book every week on Sunday. As such, I need to have a book read and reviewed by Sunday every week. If I read shorter books, I can not only ensure this, but I can build up a bit of wiggle room by having reviews prepared for the weeks to come.

2) I read super efing slow.

If you haven’t heard me say this enough, you’re hearing it again! 😂 (Or reading it really. 😉 ) I read super freakin’ slow. Like mega-slow. Like I’m lucky if I finish 30 pages in an hour slow! (Granted, I absorb a LOT of what I read. So, it’s a toss up). But because of my slow reading pace it may take me 2-3 weeks to read a longer book which, combined with my review schedule, means I could leave myself without reviews for a few weeks unless I have that wiggle room built up ahead of time. (More scheduled reviews = more time to read a longer book.)

3) My brain is just organized like that.

Yup. That darn brain again. It’s done this for YEARS, and it’s how I used to finish class assignments/homework when I was younger, as well. I like the idea of progress. I like achieving goals. As such, I’m more likely to finish a bunch of smaller tasks before working on a larger task. The larger task takes more time and effort, but you will still have all the little tasks afterwards. So, by getting them out of the way, I’m on a completion-high and feel accomplished going into this larger task and I know it’s the last thing I have to do. (Okay. Well, there will always be more books to read, but it kind of works. Hahahahaha!)

Now do you see? Now do you understand part of the madness behind the face? 😈 There are reasons why I read smaller books before the larger books, but… this also means that I still have yet to read A Feast for Crows or Outlander because they will always be the longest books on my shelf. 😕

What about you?
Am I the only one who picks their next read based on the book’s length? 
Leave your thoughts below!

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40 thoughts on “{DISCUSSION} Book Length”

  1. I usually choose books in alphabetical order. When that fails, then I start skipping to the classics I always wanted to read…still in alphabetical order.

    Like you, I’m hopeless. I have a thousands of books on my tablet I haven’t read. May the book hoarding gods forgive us.

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    1. Bahahah! That’s awesome! I never thought about reading books in alphabetical order, but I suppose it makes sense. I mean, I organize my movies in alphabetical order. Perhaps I’ll start reading my books how I organize my shelf: by height. Hahaha! Though, that would probably lead me to read my larger books first. Hmm….

      Oh yeah! I didn’t even count the books on my kindle. I don’t know what’s sitting over in cyberspace for me as I pick up a bunch of free books through daily deals. 0.o I think I’m past the point of forgiveness from the book hoarding gods. They shunned me.


      1. Lmao. We’ve both been shunned then. Alphabetical order reading only becomes a problem when you get new books and then have to go through again to see if you skipped any, but a fault system is better than none at all.

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        1. Bahahaha! How you organize your reading schedule honestly reminds me of going to my brother’s house. I am ALWAYS reorganizing his movies because he never puts them back right/buys new ones. Organizing’s kind of therapeutic though. So can’t complain too much. 😜


  2. O. M. G. You have 80 BOOKS YOU HAVEN’T READ? I’m super impressed with your hoarding abilities! I can’t relate to your problem at all because I’m one of those weirdos that strictly read ebooks 😳😬 Good luck on getting thru your TBR! And I’m really interested to see what you think of Dark Breaks the Dawn!!

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    1. Bahahahahaha! I mean… I think it’s 80. I stopped counting after I moved… and bought more. >.> oops.

      But like: You could have a TON of unread ebooks, right? And you could technically see how long they are (it just takes longer because you have to open each file.) Trust me. I’ve done it. And yes, I base which ebook I’ll read next based off its length too. BAHAHAHAHA!

      Ah! I’m working on it! I should be getting to that book in August. fingers crossed So much else going on right now. sigh

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      1. I could have a ton of unread ebooks but I don’t 😂 It’s not as awesome to have cool books in an app. And I was thinking of you today when I started The Chemist and it’s 1400 pages on my phone!!! So really like 500. That’s still a heckuvalotta pages!!!! May have to delay reading it because it’s too long 😂

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  3. Hahaha! I love how honest you are with this post!
    I can see how it makes perfect economic sense to start with books that are shorter. You get more bang for your buck 🙂 Why read one 1000-page book when you can read 3×300-page books and have 3 times more reviews to post?
    I prefer books that are shorter as well. When books are longer than 400 pages, I am a bit hesitant to read them, because I am worried that the pace wouldn’t be fast enough to keep me engaged. In general, for me, it is more about pacing than about length. If it is a long book where every scene contributes to the story, and keeps me interested, I will like this more than a short book that is paced too erratically. Hope that makes sense 🙂
    Love this choice of discussion topic!


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    1. Hahahaha! I’m always honest, Sophie! 😀 which is why all my readers know I’m crazy 😉 Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the topic!

      See! You get it! It’s the logical part of my brain that’s controlling the artsy side of my brain (how it’s always worked apparently. Oh, society and your influence. :p )

      Ah! I never thought about pace before, but that makes total sense. Longer books can’t be nearly as fast because then there’d likely just be too much going on and only so much can happen in one book. Very interesting. (Also very logical. 😉 )

      Yes, it does make sense. I’ve seen far too many short books that have arbitrary scenes in them that don’t advance the plot. And I’m just like: “Woman. (because most authors I read are women) Your book is already short. Why are you wasting space in here with this garbage?” (And I may have had one too many reiterations of this conversation with myself. :p )

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      1. Haha what I mean is that, I find with some long-ish books, there are some filler scenes that don’t seem to contribute to the story, and the book could be tightened to make it shorter and more interesting. Which is what makes me a bit hesitant to read longer books. But if the book has good pacing through out and all the scenes are purposeful, then I would find it much easier to get through even if the book is long.

        I know what you mean about filler scenes in shorter books, and I am also guilty of having those conversations with myself while writing! There are a few scenes from my novel that will have to be cut in the next edit… XD

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        1. Ahhh! I think filler content in larger books is usually a pacing mechanism, though. Because otherwise readers night get burned out. 😕

          Hahahaha! Scenes always end up being cut. My first finished novel was YA dystopian… at 190K. Oops. 😛 But I learned a lot from it. And, in my opinion, it’s easier to cut than to scramble to find more content. 😊


  4. Sometimes I choose my next book if it is a standalone. Length doesn’t affect me unless it is Les Mis long, haha. I would much rather get in to a story I can finish all at once than a story I have to wait for more from.

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    1. Ohhh! I could totally see that. See, I’m like the worst person at reading a series together. (Mostly because I never have the next book in the series handy, but I have tons of other books handy.) So, thankfully the standalone vs series isn’t an issue for me. 🙂 But it does make sense! Maybe then I would remember what’s going on in the 2nd book. Bahahahahaha!

      Is Les Mis really that long? Are we talking like… GOT long or longer?

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      1. I have been wanting to get in to all these new popular books but most of them are book one in a series that is not finished and I hate waiting!! Lol

        Les Mis is 1463 pages. Definitely a multi-day read for me, versus a 1 day read for anything under 500 lol. How long is GOT? My brother’s books don’t look as big as Les Mis.

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        1. Hahahha! I either end up forgetting about the series if I have to wait or don’t even know about it until it’s already all published.

          Well, it looks like GOT is 847 pages. But I know the 2nd is longer. Probably close to Les Mis, but they all would take me around a month. :p Hahahaha!

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  5. I read relatively fast, so size doesn’t matter. (I’m saying that in a book context. How you take it is up to you 😉 ) Your statement, “I also am never in the ‘mood’ for a certain book,” is exact opposite of me. Sometimes I have a book picked out. I carry it to my chair and see another one and decide I’m more in the mood for the other. This has happened where I drop the new book I was excited to read for one that has been lying around the house for years….

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    1. Bahahhahaha! I wouldn’t have said anything, Trent, but you’re the one who apparently assumed your words have a separate connotation. :p

      Wow! That’s crazy. I can’t imagine just setting a book down that I’ve just decided to read. Though, I’m also usually quite set on my choices: This is what I want (because it took me WAAAAAY too long to decide to pick it. Hahahhaha! Indecision is a plague.)

      P.s. I totally imagined you just dropping the book in the middle of your living room and snagging another one and walking away. Hahahaha! Quite a funny scene.

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      1. Yep, that is pretty much what happens. I get all comfortable. I look with delight at the beautiful cover. But what’s this? Oh my gosh, what am I doing?! No, I want THAT book! I jump up and madly dash over to the interloper, leaving the first book to lie wherever it fell… Excuse me, sorry… Usually not quite that dramatic 😉

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  6. I don’t consider length at all … most of the time. I am saving a couple of shorter, quicker reads for once school starts when I’ll have less time, and trying to get some of the massive books on my tbr out of the way while I’m able to devote 2+ hours to reading every day. But most of the time it doesn’t make a difference to me. I read so quickly and I really enjoy long books, as long as I like them anyway!

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    1. Oh! Well, bleh! Look at you and your super-speedy-reading-pace! Humpf!

      Hahaha! I’m just kidding. Though, I am jealous. If I could read faster, I don’t think book length would be such an issue. Perhaps story density would be a bigger issue then at that point: I’d be more worried about a light-hearted story vs a heavy story. Ala the mood thing. Until then, though…. :p

      I should also really take your idea to read larger books now before the semester starts. After that, who knows how much time I’ll have left to read. 0.0 What if… I don’t have any time to read?! gasp

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          1. Yeah, I’ll likely put it off until Christmas vacation or Spring Break or even next summer. Which is too bad really because I’ve been looking forward to reading it for a while. But it is how it is I guess.

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  7. I have a similar problem in that my TBR pile is too high although for me it’s virtual, on Kindle and on Google Play and the occasional Humble Bundle. I snap up good deals when I see them and then the pile just grows faster than I can read. The good thing is I am never without anything to read. The bad thing, who knows when I’ll get through it all. As far as how I pick books, it’s mostly random. Sometimes I want to read something particular, other times I want something short. If I start a series, I try to make sure I read the rest right away.

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    1. Oh! I didn’t even take into account all the ebooks I have. I have no idea how many are on there, but I’m guessing that number alone is over 50. I just… don’t read ebooks as much and I never know if/when I’ll get to them. So… I don’t count them. I, too, snag most from deals that are going on. But alas…. too many books. 0.0

      Ah! The series aspect seems to be a popular choice, too. Sadly, I am also an outliar in that regard because I almost NEVER read the next book in the series right away or even soon after. I’ll get to it… in a couple years. 😂


  8. I have literally a stack of 6 books on the top of one of my bookshelves that is my TBR pile. I try to alternate books I book 4 years ago with new books and the books I got from Uppercase so eventually, I will get through everything. I have a bookshelf and a half of unread books and focusing on those six makes it feel less like a task I will never finish. I try to make this pile so there are longer books mixed with shorter books, and sequels aren’t read too long after I read the previous book.

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    1. Ahhh! That’s very smart, Deanna. A little pile of the massive stock makes it seem manageable and accomplishable to trick your brain and it sets up a good TBR, if you ever wanted to share it with your readers or plan a review schedule. Nice idea! Perhaps I will have to try this… when my books are unpacked/organized. :p

      P.s. I like how logically organized this little pile of 6 is. 😀 I love it even more because it has rules. Hee hee!

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