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Discussion Highlights: Book Length

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Book Length

I have this nasty habit of never getting around to reading books I’ve owned for a while. Why? Because they’re too long! I know that book will take me 2+ weeks, a time-frame where I could read 2-3 other, shorter books. Does it make me crazy to only read short books? Let’s ask the discussioners!

Alexis said:

“I usually choose books in alphabetical order. When that fails, then I start skipping to the classics I always wanted to read…still in alphabetical order.”

Michaela said:

“I’ve never though about picking books on their length before, I pick the books I read depending on the mood I’m in.”

Sophie said:

“I prefer books that are shorter as well. When books are longer than 400 pages, I am a bit hesitant to read them, because I am worried that the pace wouldn’t be fast enough to keep me engaged. In general, for me, it is more about pacing than about length.”

Adrienne said:

“Sometimes I choose my next book if it is a standalone. Length doesn’t affect me unless it is Les Mis long, haha. I would much rather get in to a story I can finish all at once than a story I have to wait for more from.”

Trent said:

“Your statement, “I also am never in the ‘mood’ for a certain book,” is exact opposite of me. Sometimes I have a book picked out. I carry it to my chair and see another one and decide I’m more in the mood for the other. This has happened where I drop the new book I was excited to read for one that has been lying around the house for years….”

Katie said:

“I am saving a couple of shorter, quicker reads for once school starts when I’ll have less time, and trying to get some of the massive books on my tbr out of the way while I’m able to devote 2+ hours to reading every day. But most of the time it doesn’t make a difference to me.”

Mattias said:

“As far as how I pick books, it’s mostly random. Sometimes I want to read something particular, other times I want something short. If I start a series, I try to make sure I read the rest right away.”

Deanna said:

“I have literally a stack of 6 books on the top of one of my bookshelves that is my TBR pile. I try to alternate books I book 4 years ago with new books and the books I got from Uppercase so eventually, I will get through everything.”

Whelp. Guess I really am crazy as no one else seems to pick their books based on length. Hahaha! But of course, I am not surprised. It would seem most people pick what book to read based on what they want to read.

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16 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Book Length”

  1. I have a weird back and forth about length. On the one hand, starting a new book is always a bit bumpy, and I often prefer longer books because they grant me more time with the characters and world of the story after that initial awkwardness, but there are times where a story feels too long, and overstays it’s welcome, though it doesn’t happen to me too often, and I think it’s less an issue of actual length and more an issue of how much the story changes, or doesn’t, over the course of its length.
    Shorter works often leave me wanting more, but there is a part of me that wants to sample a wide variety of writing styles and author voices.

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    1. Hmm. That’s very interesting, Adam. I feel like the introduction to the world, characters, etc and the ability to pace the story is really a matter of the author. A good author knows how to introduce everything and carry the story through the length of the book they wrote.

      But if you want more from a short book, maybe you need to read a series. :p Then you can get more. Hee hee!

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  2. I’m definitely aware of the length of the books in thinking of reading. Unlike you, I do my reviews monthly, so I’d like to read a certain amount each month. If I’ve read quite a few short books I’ll pick a long book so my review post doesn’t get too long likewise if I haven’t read much then I’ll pick short books to read so I’ll have a decent amount of books to review at the end of the month.

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      1. I’m not solely a book blog, it’s something I added along the way (although I’ve always loved reading). I didn’t want to drown my followers in book review posts all of a sudden. And thought a book review post at the end of the month was a good way to do it.

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        1. Oh! I totally understand. I didn’t start out as a book blog either. And I’d like to say that I’m not solely a book blog as hopefully some of my discussion topics will suggest. 🙂

          But I do like scheduling my reviews. I can’t fathom bloggers who just review the book whenever they finish. It would drive me insane!


          1. Haha. I totally get the scheduling reviews thing. If I didn’t have an end of month deadline I just…wouldn’t write them lol

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  3. Interesting to see other people’s methods of choosing the next book to read! Frankly I haven’t been reading much books lately (way too many online articles to occupy my time 😛), but if I were to choose a book to read next, I usually avoid books that are part of a series. I like standalone books. 🙂

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