Book Signing w/ Susan Dennard!


I swear for the better part of my life, nothing was going on in the Midwest. Apparently because we’re not NY or LA, we are just ignored, but that’s not cool! There are TONS of book lovers here (and what is Chicago? Chopped liver? Come on!) So, I’m absolutely stoked that authors are visiting us more frequently, particularly in my lovely Mitten state, the most recent being…


Alright. To be fair, I haven’t actually read anything by Susan Dennard yet, but I have heard some AMAZING things about her Witchlands series and I had a copy of Truthwitch that could be signed. Before Truthwitch, though she wrote her Something Strange and Deadly series, which is steampunk. How cool! You should check it out! But the best part about this event was getting to meet Susan Dennard!

This lovely woman is so real! Even though she sat behind a table on a stage, there was no separation between her and the audience. She was super open and honest about all of her answers and her experiences. She even joked around, which really highlighted her personality.

Though, my favorite part about getting to meet her was how much she and I have in common. Before becoming an author, she was a marine biologist and was going to graduate school. (I’m a scientist who’s going to graduate school, too.) Better yet, she’s lived in other countries and she speaks multiple languages! Being the audacious person I am, I asked one of my questions in German and she answered in German. I absolutely love when I get to speak German with people! 😄

This might sound silly, but as a writer it’s nice knowing that not all authors came from an English background. It’s encouraging to know you don’t need a an English degree to write well or become published. Gives me hope! ☺️

Okay! Back on topic (hahaha!), Susan Dennard is an amazing woman and I am very much looking forward to reading Truthwitch (which is on my August TBR!) Look for my review on August 27th and, if you ever get a chance to meet Susan Dennard, DO IT! She’s so awesome! 😎


28 thoughts on “Book Signing w/ Susan Dennard!”

  1. It was great to see you again!! I’m glad you got a chance to chat with Susan some more! Great pic!!
    Hopefully there will be more events where we’ll be able to see each other again!
    Oh, there is one on September 12, Eric Smith with his anthology book: Welcome Home
    I am planning on going to that!

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    1. It was good seeing you again as well, Theresa. 🙂 And thank you! I’m glad I waited until the end to take pictures as I got to chat with her a little more. It was really awesome.

      In addition to Eric, Sarah J Maas and Leigh Bardugo will be in GR, but their events are ticketed. So, I won’t be going to those. I might go see Eric. I’ll have to see what school looks like around that time. Thanks for the heads-up! 😀

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      1. I know about Maas & Bardugo. I have my tickets. If they were on the other side of the state I wouldn’t go. But since they are so close…. Plus I want to support Schuler Books so we can hopefully get more authors here!

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        1. Yeah. They kind of are on the other side of the state for me. :p And I think it’s great to support Schulers, but Maas is also on a Thursday and I’ll be in school by then. So. Oh well. Another time. (perhaps when I’ve actually read more of their books. Hahahaha!)


  2. I also have Tructhwitch waiting for me but just never found the time to read it Melanie! I did not know you were not “native” even if your name sounds more French than English 😉 So you were lucky to meet this author! And when you’ll publish a book and need beta readers, just let me know if I have the time I would do it with great pleasure 😉

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    1. Heeey! You wanna buddy read it with me, Sophie? I should be getting around to it here in the next couple weeks as soon as I finish reading ZODIAC. nudge nudge 😀

      Not native? o.o Native to where? I’m so confused. BAHAHAHAHA! (And I have been told my name sounds very French, and yet I SUCK at French. Oh, the irony. :p)

      You… betaread?! 0.0 Where were you on Twitter last week? I sent out a tweet looking for betareaders! Bahahahaha!


                  1. For sure!! I just saw that Sarah J Maas AND Leigh Bardugo will be in Grand Rapids in September! I almost cried! Over 4 hours to drive is just too far for me 😢 but the next time there’s an event in Lansing we will have to do a meet up!!

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