{DISCUSSION} Series In-Process vs Complete

When do you prefer to start a series?

Books are publishing all the time (YAY!) and sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with them all (BOO!). Because of how the publishing industry works, certain books do, in fact, gain more marketing and publicity than others (generally based on what publishers think will have the most appeal to their reader-group aka what they think will sell the most copies… and make them the most money πŸ€‘… πŸ˜’)

Unfortunately, this means that some books never make it into the public eye and the only way readers end up hearing about them is because they just happened to stumble upon it in the bookstore (and actually took the time to pick it up, read the blurb, be interested, spend monies on it, and cart it home [likely snuggled closely to their chest] in order to read it.)

Yet, by that point, it almost always has a sequel or two… or three… or twelve (😢) published already as well. In other words, you’re not coming in at the beginning of the series, but likely at the end when all the books are already published.

Or, you’re that unfortunate soul who comes in mid-series and is just royally FUC—-

For some readers, this ‘entire series already published’ option is a god-send because they are series-bingers. (I know a few of these now lurking in the shadows of the blog-o-sphere. They are quite fascinating creatures and I enjoy observing them since I am not one of these interesting specimens myself. 😜) The series-bingers absolutely MUST HAVE the next book right after finishing the previous book. They have an incessant need to read the sequel immediately following the prior book until they’ve completed the entire series.

But this… isn’t always possible.Β πŸ˜•

There are also the re-readers. These people are very similar to the series-bingers in that they MUST read the next book in the series immediately!!! However, for them, it’s okay if the entire series isn’t finished yet. The re-reader will simply re-read the entire series up to that point so that their brains are refreshed on all the details for them to read this brand new next book in the series. (Disclaimer: These readers don’t often read very many new books and maybe have mild obsessions with particular stories.)

Of course, there is also the stand-a-lone reader group. This is a very small, very exclusive, very mysterious group of readers who read only stand-a-lone novels or very close to only. They only graze the edges of series novels, but generally avoid them like the PLAGUE! THE PLAGUE, I TELL YOU! (Wait… wrong conversation. 😏) The stand-a-lone reader group doesn’t interact with many other readers, or if they do, they don secret identities to hide their magical-ness. 0.0 Seriously. Beware! They’re total BAMFs!

And then there’s me. 😎

I am a re-reader and series-binger’s WORST. NIGHTMARE. 😈

MWHAHAHAHA- HA-H-H-H-*hack hack* *cough cough* *dies*

*uses Phoenix Down*

Ahem! As I was saying, I’m the worst nightmare to these readers because I… don’t care! Hahaha!Β πŸ˜†Β That’s right. Unlike these other readers, I’m not crazy.

Well… not… in the same way at least… >.> Heh. Heh.

When it comes to reading books, I honestly couldn’t care less whether they’re part of a series or not. I just read books. Frankly, I pick up (and hoard) so many books that it would be impossible for me to read based solely on a series (or, at the very least, foolish.) I mean, because I don’t buy a sequel until I’ve read (and enjoyed) the first book, I don’t often have the next book in the series, but what I DO have is TONS of other books.

So, you see, it would just be silly (and frivolous) to spend money on the next book in a series when I already have plenty of other options to choose from. And I mean, it’s not like I ever get that attached to a book, anyway.Β πŸ˜‚

But what do you think?
What kind of reader are you?
Leave your thoughts below!

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34 thoughts on “{DISCUSSION} Series In-Process vs Complete”

  1. How are we to survive in this world without Phoenix Downs?! πŸ˜†
    For me, I need the series to be completed before I start reading, because I’m the type who gets disappointed when the story stops partway because the next book isn’t available yet; by the time it comes out, I’d already forget the previous story! Same goes with ongoing manga; I wait for them to be completed before I start reading. πŸ˜…

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    1. I DUNNO!! Phoenix Downs are the best. #LifeSaver πŸ˜‰

      WHAT?! With manga, too? I can’t even imagine. Manga can take FOREVER to be fully released. I’m not even sure I’d still be interested in the series by the time it’s done. (Though, I’m usually so behind on manga in the first place that by the time I even hear about it, they’re already fully published.)

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      1. Yeah, that’s the problem with manga; last month my husband introduced this really interesting fantasy / martial arts Chinese manhua called Douluo Dalu (Soul Land), and I got pretty hooked. Then I reached 100+ chapters later and found out it wasn’t completed… πŸ˜…

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  2. Well Melanie Shanah posted quite the same topic this week. And I’m a little of everything. I can wait for a series to be complete before beginning (if the last book will soon be published), I can be so caught in the buzz of a new series that I will begin it immediately and be very frustrated, I can wait for 2 or 3 books to be out and then begin and I can lose my interest and never finish! I’m atypical like that LOL


    1. Hahaha! Really? What are the odds. :p

      Wow. You’re just a hodge-podge of all the reader types, huh, Sophie? But that’s cool because it sounds like you’re really flexible. πŸ™‚ I think flexibility is key in the current reading world.

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  3. Hmm well when it came to Harry Potter I was a re-reader for SURE so I ended up reading those books a TON to keep me afloat between book releases and movie releases (definitely an addict) haha but nowadays I’m sort of an I-dont-care-but-the-first-book-better-impress-the-hell-out-of-me-and-if-it-does-I-will-trade-my-soul-for-the-rest kind of person πŸ˜‰
    Okay if it’s part of a series that’s more than four books then I generally pass, but otherwise I don’t care if the whole series is out or not because I’ll only buy the first book anyway and if that one fails to suck out my soul and trap it between its pages then I don’t continue with the series. HOWEVER if I pick up a book and it’s EVERYTHING and the rest of the series happens to be out (praise hands) then I’ll buy the rest of the series and binge-read the entire thing (food, responsibility, and daylight become strictly optional lol)

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    1. Bahahaha! I’ve never re-read HP. I just… couldn’t get into the first book because the writing was so bad and I don’t want to just like… pick a book in the middle of the series. So… that’s still on my TBR to re-read. :p

      Nice. I don’t even think I buy the rest of the series if I like the first book. I think I read series so slowly (with a gazillion books in between nowadays) that I just buy the next book when I feel like reading it. Though, I can’t honestly say since I haven’t read a sequel in so long now. Hahahaha! I only read first books it feels like. I’m also still trying to catch up on a decade worth of series. :p

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  4. I completely understand this! I don’t mind waiting for a series to come out. What I do like about book series is often times the first book will be so discounted, or free, that it’s easy to get into. I’m not a rereader though. I’m the same with movies. Once I see it once, I never watch it again. Though, with the exception of Robin Williams movies, haha. Which is why they have to be ebooks. I do get the craving to read a genre though. I’ve been wanting to read a really good Space Opera lately. I feel this is heavily influenced by the TV show Dark Matter though. Ah man I type so much I tend to forget what I’m even talking about anymore. Mulan!

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    1. BAHAHAHA! That was quite a menagerie of topics there. :p But I love it! I totally dig Dark Matter. I’m DYING for the next season (I find I’m more likely to need the next season of a show than the next book in a series. :/ It’s just… different.) But I DO NOT understand your lack of re-watching movies. I LOVE re-watching movies. I OWN over 100 movies because I know I’ll re-watch them. But I also really love hosting movie nights. So… Gotta have movies for that (since you can’t rent them anywhere anymore.)

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  5. I need it to be complete. I can’t do the years of waiting in between, I don’t have the patience. When I do start a series I make sure that I have ALL the books.

    This is why I’m kind of upset Tahereh Mafi is extending Shatter Me and that Throne of Glass got pushed back. :/

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    1. Yeah… I can understand not wanting to wait forever for books. I mean, if you’re really enjoying it, the 1-2 years between books is really frustrating. Though, I’m not sure if I would even want all the books at once. I KNOW I won’t read them back-to-back. Hahaha! (I haven’t even touched ASoIaF #4 even though I’ve had it forever now. :p )

      Awww! I’m sorry. Why are there such large breaks in those series?

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      1. Really? You wouldn’t read them back to back? Omg I HAVE to lol. I can’t stand not knowing how it ends as soon as possible.

        Shatter Me was supposed to be a trilogy – although to be fair there were some unanswered questions so the extension makes sense. With ToG, Sarah J Mass was having some heath issues (not sure of the specifics) so she took some time off

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        1. Hahahahaha! I never read books back to back anymore. :p Partly because I wouldn’t want to spend three weeks reviewing a single series. My review schedule is a little unaccommodating like that. :p

          Oh dear. I hope Maas is okay. I hope it was nothing serious.

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  6. My sister has to wait for a series to come out before starting the first book. It drives me crazy because I want to talk about it NOW! Lol. However, I will say that if I discover the first book in a series and love it, I’m always so excited if there are more already out in a series. I agree with you though, there are so many books to read that I kind of like to mix it up a bit… loved the post!

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    1. Hahahaha! My brother was taking FOREVER to read ASoIaF while my SIL and I had read it already, so we couldn’t talk about it in front of him. SOOOO frustrating! Rawr! :p

      I find I’m more likely to switch genres on each new read. So, I don’t think series would really even work for me to read back to back even if I like it. I quite enjoy reading a scifi, then a fantasy, then maybe a horror. I dunno. I get really bored of too much of the same thing. So variety is important to me. πŸ™‚

      And thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! πŸ˜€

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  7. So I’m weird. Yes we know this by now but…. whatever lol
    If I see a book and see that it’s part of a series I will pick up what’s available. So if there are 2-3 books out I’ll get them all, not knowing if I like them or not. I figure that if I like book 1 then I don’t have to wait to get the next book. It backfires though when I don’t like the first book and I force myself to continue because I spent the money. For example, I own the entire Queen of the Tearling trilogy not knowing if I even like the first book…… cough – hack
    Awkward silence…..
    Crickets chirping…..

    Hahahaha!!! You’re either rolling your eyes, calling me an idiot, laughing, or all three

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    1. Hahahaha! Why are you wasting money? Though, I know I’m honestly more likely to dislike a book than to actually like a book and need to read the next one. More often than not, even if I do like a book, I’m not like DYING to read the sequel. So… I don’t necessarily care if I have the next book right now, anyway. Plus, I like a lot of variation. πŸ™‚

      And yeah…. Queen of the Tearling… I am so sorry you wasted money on that series. 😦 My review of THAT book will be going up later in the year… >.> I really should just call it a rant. cough Good luck! Hahaha!

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      1. I do a lot of trades with people and used book stores so I get what I want in the end. I just like to have the next book in the series because I am quite possibly the most impatient person on the planet!!! Literally I’m the worst. I’m starting to cut down on doing that because I’m tired of being disappointed. But I did order the book Zodiac the other day! Just the first one though. I know it will backfire and I’ll need book ASAP and I’ll have to wait πŸ˜‚
        I can’t wait for your rant!!

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        1. Hahahahahaha! I actually won the Zodiac books in a giveaway, but someone STOLE the 2nd book from the package. So I couldn’t even read #2 if I wanted to! >.< I was very stressed, but I have a TON of books to get through for my review schedule (darn, ARCS, woman. :p ) Hope you like Zodiac! πŸ˜€

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            1. Hahaha! I don’t even have that many ARCS, but they’re all right on top of each other. So… reading! (unfortunately, not really. o.o)

              And someone opened my package and delivered it to my house open. (The other winner was missing all the swag from hers. so…) I hate US Post. could seriously make an entire rant post about how much I hate them

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