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{REVIEW} The Heir by Kiera Cass

by Kiera Cass

Genre: Young Adult, Romance
Pub Date: May 5, 2015
Publisher: Harper Teen
Length: Audiobook
Spoilers: N/A
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Princess Eadlyn has grown up hearing endless stories about how her mother and father met. Twenty years ago, America Singer entered the Selection and won the heart of Prince Maxon—and they lived happily ever after. Eadlyn has always found their fairy-tale story romantic, but she has no interest in trying to repeat it. If it were up to her, she’d put off marriage for as long as possible.

But a princess’s life is never entirely her own, and Eadlyn can’t escape her very own Selection—no matter how fervently she protests.

Eadlyn doesn’t expect her story to end in romance. But as the competition begins, one entry may just capture Eadlyn’s heart, showing her all the possibilities that lie in front of her . . . and proving that finding her own happily ever after isn’t as impossible as she’s always thought.


What. A. Bitch.
I’m sorry, but no. The main character, Eadlyn, is such a royal (literally) bitch that I didn’t give a dang about her in the entire story. Not once did she possess or show any redeeming qualities. Worst of all, there was no change in her haughty, superiority complex from the beginning to the end despite the countless times people told her she was pompous, selfish, rude, blunt, (insert a slew of other negative personality terms here.) In other words, she was an idiot on top of being a bitch.

Um… Know-it-all?
So… for some reason, the author wrote sections of the narrative in first person omniscient (aka the main character is telling the story, but they know what everyone else is thinking, too.) Um… about that. That doesn’t exist. People cannot know what others are thinking. They can guess, surely, but Eadlyn just knew what everyone was thinking around her (without having any clue as to how she could be such a colossal bitch). Thus, not only was this an issue with the narrative, but this also made Eadlyn seem like that much worse of a person. Just… stop already!

*sigh* I wish I could say there was some mystery, that there is no way I could possibly figure out whom Eadlyn is going to pick in her selection, but… it is SO FREAKING OBVIOUS! I’m not naming names or numbers or anything, but the fact that Eadlyn can’t see that she treats certain members of the selected differently makes her even more stupid and incapable of self-reflection. I mean, COME ON ALREADY! I don’t even have to read the next book because I already know who she’s going to pick. *headdesk*

Speaking of Sequels
Um… why? Why did the book end where it did? That… was an absolutely horrid, abrupt, resolution/cliffhanger-less ending. It gave me no incentive to want to read the next book, nor did it answer any questions or anything. It just… was. It was an abrupt chop at the end of a scene like that’s all it takes to end a book for a sequel.

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15 thoughts on “{REVIEW} The Heir by Kiera Cass”

    1. Hee hee! I read the first three many years ago and only now thought about finishing the series. I remember enjoying the first three, but this… this is just a nightmare in my opinion. I liked the original concept and now it’s just like… “Well, this is dumb, repetitive, and has a worse MC.” :p I’m not sure I’ve ever found anything to actually be ‘so bad it’s good,’ but that could just be me. :p

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  1. Hahaha! I actually preferred the Heir to the Selection because despite being a bit of a bitch the main character at least makes some decisions.

    There are some absolutely hilarious videos on the interweb somewhere which use dolls to act out the full series. Much better than the books.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Meh. I mean… America was kind of a push-over. That was just her nature and her upbringing, but how on Earth did America raise such a pathetic excuse for a daughter? I’m just honestly so BAFFLED!

      Hahaha! I think I have seen those videos before. :p But I couldn’t take them seriously enough to watch it all. :p


  2. Haha I had the same reaction and I loved the first three books!!! The Crown sees a better Eadlyn but unfortunately other aspects of the book were a big missed opportunity. Just come tomorrow on my blog and read my daughter’s choice. She speaks about this series. You’ll even get a bonus surprise 😉😉😉

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    1. Hahahaha! It really is a shame how pathetic of a child America had with Eadlyn. Like… America showed promise. How did she raise such a bratty, snobby bitch of a daughter. Come on! I have to imagine that Eadlyn does some character growth, but I get to a point where no amount of redemption makes me care for a character. So, can’t say I’d want to finish this series. :/

      I will keep an eye out. 😉

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    1. Hahahaha! I’m happy to hear you liked my review, Shanah. 😀 I like that people enjoy my negative reviews just as much as my positive reviews (or probably more so. :p ) And yeah… this series doesn’t really have any depth or tangibility. I read the first three when I was much younger and thought I’d check out the newest installments. Waste. Of. Time. 😉

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  3. Lol! Well I haven’t read this series and it’s never been one that’s particularly called my name from the shelves but your review sounds about right and regardless was funny to read haha 😀

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    1. Hee hee! I’m glad you enjoyed my review, Angela. (I have heard my negative reviews can be quite funny. 😉 ) And no. This series isn’t something I would consider for ‘serious readers.’ It’s too light-hearted and simple to have any depth and it kind of just gets worse as it goes on. :/ I recommend you find a better book to read. :p

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    1. Hahaha! I quite prefer writing reviews for books I didn’t enjoy probably as much as you enjoy reading them. :p It’s so much more fun to rant about a book than to praise a book (because there are specifics.) Hee hee! Glad you enjoyed my review! 😀

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