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Calendar Girls August Wrap-Up!


This month we kicked it old skool with some historical fiction novels! 😉 And woman is there a lot of history to choose from. We had books from a variety of different eras, countries, and cultures, but enough of my rambles! Check out the picks yourself! 😃

Best Fairytale Retelling!

Daaaang! What a wide variety of time periods represented this month, which makes total sense. I mean, history isn’t just the last decade or just the renaissance. History is a long and diverse topic and these book choices are a perfect representation of that! And maybe these books are some good picks to find a new favorite time period to read about? *hint hint* *nudge nudge*

By the way, if you haven’t had the chance to comment and discuss with other Calendar Girls about their pick, you can go and do so now. Just click a book cover or link above and it will take you right to that blogger’s post where you can leave a comment!

Remember: It’s never too late to discuss books! ^.^

Most Popular Pick

Holy woah! So many choices to pick from this month! 😃Thank you to everyone who voted in the August poll! While there were a couple of contenders, there was most definitely a unanimous winner for ‘Best Historical Fiction Novel!’ And without further ado, here is the winner by popular vote… *drum roll*

The Book Thief has been picked to fit a Calendar Girls theme time and time again. It’s been picked for historical fiction, romance, and war time. It would seem to be a ‘Jack of all Trades’ book with a unique story that has captured the hearts of many readers. I’ve also heard rumor that it’s quite sad and will wrench on those heartstrings of yours. So, if you haven’t taken the time to delve into The Book Thief and explore this magnificent story set in a very dark part of history, I highly recommend you find a copy and join Liesl on her adventure.


On Sunday, August 20th, some lovely ladies joined us on the hashtag to discuss history, historical eras, and fiction set in those time periods! We were a little late, but that didn’t keep us from having so much fun that Flavia and I couldn’t bear to cut you lovely bloggers off after just one hour. But don’t take my word for it, check out the chat through storify here.

Miss this month’s #CGBChat? No worries! There’s another one coming up on Sunday, September 17th at 8PM EST where we’ll be discussing contemporary novels,their unique aspects, and the realism behind them! We really hope to see you there.

P.s. We have a Calendar Girls Twitter Group Chat and would love for you to join us! If you are not part of it already, tweet @FlavBibliophile or @NoellBernard to be added! 😀 Hope to see you there!


Thank you to everyone who participated in July and August’s read-a-longs. Unfortunately, as many of you saw in our poll last week, there will not be a read-a-long in September. Flavia and I are both very busy at the moment (switching jobs/starting school/etc) and cannot guarantee we’ll have enough time to devote to reading and hosting discussions for another book on top of our current reading schedules. We are sorry for this inconvenience and plan to clear our schedules to host a read-a-long in October! 😃

Thank you so much!

That’s all for August! Thank you so much for participating again this month. Calendar Girls wouldn’t be here without you and we hope you’ll join us again for September!

We also hope you had so much fun that you can’t help but wrangle up a few more friends to join because I think we can all agree that bookish discussions are way more fun with more people, right?  To help spread the word, please use the hashtag #CalendarGirlsBooks on Twitter & Instagram, and feel free to use the Calendar Girls logo. Click here for the url.

P.s. Just because it’s called Calendar ‘Girls’ doesn’t mean only girls can join! Invite everyone you know, whatever gender they may be!

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September’s Theme

Best Contemporary Novel


30 thoughts on “Calendar Girls August Wrap-Up!”

      1. Oh, really? I seen a lot of people reviewing that one. Mostly positive reviews from what I’ve seen so far. 🙂

        Probably not honestly. I’m REALLY trying to cut down to posting about 3 times per week. I have been posting every day, sometimes more than once, and I just need more balance. It’s way too much.

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        1. Ah! I feel you. That was me for most of 2016 and I was like: “This is not sustainable.” So I cut down quite a bit aaand somehow I’ve worked my way back up. >.> It’s a problem. But I totally understand. Best of luck with finding balance! I know how hard that can be.

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                    1. Seriously?! You read almost anything? That’s amazing! I wish I could do that, but it is quite difficult for me as I am usually just not as entertained with some of these other genres. :/ But I am trying! 😀 That’s the first step, right? Hee hee!

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                    2. yes, that’s probably the reason. contemporaries are just our boring world. but they are easy to read and i get lost in them, so i don’t have to think much. other worlds sometimes take up too much thinking hahaha 😂


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