Discussion Highlights: Emotional Responses: Anger

Last Week’s Discussion:
Emotional Responses: Anger

We’ve discussed crying while reading, but what about other emotions? What about getting angry? I know that I get angry more often than I probably should when I read, but that could mean I’m reading the wrong books. So, let’s check with the discussioners and get their thoughts!

Nicolle said:

“I agree with all your points above and just have one more too add – protagonists who are too wallowed in depression for too long to the point they stop driving the plot forward! I mean, sometimes it makes sense for them to feel that way […] But when it goes on for too long, and they lose too much of their will to the point they were like walking dolls, I just feel like I want to slap them in the face and tell them to buck up!”

Alexandra said:

“I don’t so much get angry as pissed off and depressed, for all the reasons you cited plus, I just wasted my time when I could have been doing something else (writing!) AND…how did the offending item even get published?! Especially when produced by a publishing house and not the author independently.”

Sophie said:

“So what makes me angry is very bad editing and tons of inconsistencies. I’m a beta reader and some mistakes can escape but not tons of errors! It’s like the author does not respect the reader. Then meek or doormat girls. I just want to shake them and ask that they grow boobs already! Same if the main character is always complaining. It makes me wang to kick his behind. There is also hesitating constantly between two boys. Just make up your mind!!! “

Claire said:

“I get angry because of the actions of the character/s. It just irks me sometimes. I keep telling myself that “it’s just a book” but I’m still angry for some reason. 😆”

Shanah said:

“Things that make me angry are asshole character doing asshole things. When an entire book is blow out of the water with trouble when all they had to do was have a simple conversation and be honest. […] Also clearly bad decisions used as a plot twist. I get it, humans make mistakes, but when it’s so constant and plainly stupid, then that character isn’t worth my time.”

Klara said:

“I do get angry when characters contradict themselves, in every instance of Insta-love. When the character I want to die finds a way to live ( mainly GoT). I also get angry when the book isn’t well thought through. I can tell and I hate it.”

Alex said:

“so sorry! reading should be fun and not make you angry! fortunately, there was only one book so far, that made me angry, so i can’t really relate! but i hope, that in the future you won’t have that many books that make you angry!”

Thank goodness! I’m not the only one who gets angry when reading books. :p Though, it would seem that anger generally spurs more from inconsistencies and poor writing than actual characters and their interactions (not to discount the frustration of that, of course! :p ) Either way, it seems there are plenty of books out there that can be read without anger. So… any suggestions?

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Violence in Fiction


7 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Emotional Responses: Anger”

  1. I’m sure there are books that can be read without feeling angry! But do books that make us angry at the villain for making life hell for the protagonist count? 😛

    I’m quite outdated as I haven’t been reading much books lately (no thanks to manga 😆), but my personal favourite is A Little Princess by Frances Hodgeon Burnett! It doesn’t make me feel angry, but it does make me feel sad at times and has its up moments too. 😀

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    1. YES! They absolutely count. They’re just different types of angry. I mean, I get angry because characters in a book are being stubborn. There’s a reason they’re being stubborn and it makes sense, but I’m still angry at them. :p Then there’s the ‘this is bad writing’ angry. Both exist. 😀

      OH MY GOSH! I haven’t read the book, but I own and LOVE the movie. It’s SOOO SAD!!!! I’m dying at the end when she recognizes her papa, but he doesn’t know her and they try to drag her away. 😭😭😭😭

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, true, there’s bad-writing anger and there’s wtf-are-you-doing-character?! anger. 😆

        Oh, I haven’t watched the movie but it sounds vastly different from the book! I went online to read a book vs movie article and the movie decided to do things differently from the book. Sad endings reduces my lifespan so I think I’ll pass. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Haha, no worries! I’m not a movie person so I already went and read up on the difference between the movie and the book. 😆

            The way you go about the movie makes me feel like watching too! I should do that eventually. 😀

            Liked by 1 person

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