Hallo-WE-en, Updates

This. Is. Hallo-WE-en!

I’m hosting an event!
A Halloween event!


That’s right! This October (aka, in like two days), I’m hosting a brand new event:


Why is the event called ‘Hallo-WE-en?’

Because blogging is a community and I want to give back to my blogging community by opening up my space to some of the wonderful people I’ve met over the last two years. Thirty bloggers and I – aka we – will be posting every day throughout October in anticipation of Halloween!

What’s going to happen during ‘Hallo-WE-en?’

Each day a new blogger will share their favorite supernatural creature with you, tell you all about it, and fangirl/fanboy the goodness all over my blog! YAY! 😀

What do you mean ‘fangirl/fanboy?’

Throughout October you’ll see supernatural creature recipes, short stories, poems, book and movie recommendations, and lots of awesome fun facts about some of Halloween’s spookiest, most magical, and most traditional supernatural creatures!

So buckle up because it’s going to be a spooky ride!

Date Creature Blogger
October 1st Chupacabra Jessica
October 2nd Pixie Utopia State of Mind
October 3rd Gargoyle Staci
October 4th Will o’ The Wisp C. S.
October 5th Nocnitsa Adrienne
October 6th Furies Morgan
October 7th Fairies Isabel
October 8th Vampires Katie
October 9th Nordic Trolls Cassiopeia’s Moon
October 10th The Mothman Mae
October 11th Banshee Alexandra
October 12th Kraken B. L. Daniels
October 13th Aliens Sarah
October 14th Loch Ness Monster JW Martin
October 15th Razgut Shanah
October 16th Angels Kathryn Nielson
October 17th Ghosts & Poltergeists Megan
October 18th Danish Church Grims Andrea
October 19th Sirens Bella
October 20th Mermaids Amy
October 21st Ghosts Trent
October 22nd Werewolves Lauren
October 23rd Unicorns Ang
October 24th Witches Sophie
October 25th Minotaur Matthew
October 26th Zombies Stephanie
October 27th Cthulu Hanna
October 28th Ghouls Holly
October 29th Dragons Klara
October 30th Brownies Breeanna
October 31st Surprise! Melanie

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