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When Melanie had announced this event it couldn’t have been timed better! I had just started reading The Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor and was smack in the middle of being introduced to this truly creepy character. The more I learned about him (both his description and truth of his existence), the more my skin literally crawled! This creatures name is Razgut.
But before we meet Razgut, we first met Izîl. Izîl was a doctor and a scholar. A straight and genteel man, charismatic and joyful, with milk brown eyes and a silky moustache that seemed to be his pride and joy. On Karou’s yearly visits she was noticing that he was slowly declining. Now he was nothing but a grave robber, stealing teeth for Brimstone. He was bent nearly double and it looked like his walking stick was the only thing keeping him from falling on his face. His eyes were sunken in bruises, his teeth looked too large for his shrunken face, and his pride and joy moustache looked tangled and disheveled. But what could have brought a well taken care of doctor to his fate and decline? Two things: 1 – a wish. 2 – the answers to those desires.
You see, when izîl made that wish, he couldn’t have known the negative consequences that were about to happen. He wished for knowledge. He assumed that the answer to that wish would have been instant and infinite knowledge, instilled in his mind, but no. His wish was fulfilled by having a helpless creature attach himself to his back, whispering in his ear, and invisible to the rest of the world. Izîl’s body began to bend from the burden of carrying this creature, and so did his mind. He would appear as if he was speaking to no one behind him and people would take pity on this senile man. They couldn’t see the fallen angel on his back.

Yes, I said fallen angel. In comes Razgut. He is introduced as this barrel chested beast with a bloated torso. He clenched on tight to Izîl’s neck and his twisted, useless legs dangled below. His head was so swollen and purple as if it were engorged with blood and would burst at any moment. Torn stumps protruded from his back…… see what I mean?! Creepy! Over 1,000 years ago he was exiled from the Seraph lands for treason and collaborating with the enemy, leaving him in the human world forever. His desperation rolls plainly off him as he feels he has suffered enough, now desperate and willing to do anything to go back home and be restored.

Laini Taylor Wiki
But how he was exiled terrifies me more than his description. When I think of Seraphim (angels) I think beautiful, compassionate and forgiving. Not the case here. When Razgut committed his crimes, his wings were torn from his body (not cleanly cut), so he could no longer fly, and his legs were twisted and broken so he would have to crawl to move. I understand exile when it comes to treason I guess, but to throw him from their world, no way to get back, legs broken, and wings removed in the most painful of ways……. the seraphim may have been more terrifying than Razguthimself!
Razgut is a creature that has never left my mind. I can’t imagine having an invisible monster on my back, whispering constantly, spewing desperation, and never being able to shake him off. I don’t know about any one else, but it just makes my skin crawl!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Shanah (Bionic Book Worm)

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