{DISCUSSION} Shelf Overflow

Do you keep books you didn’t like?

I’ve moved… A lot. I’ve moved six times in the last three years and each time I do so, I must pack up my books, which ends  up being even more books than I packed up previously so I can’t even put them all in the same boxes. *sigh* And those boxes are not light things, either. They are seriously heavy to the point that I generally can’t lift my arms after one full day of moving (I have a lot of stuff. 😂)

Now, I don’t mind moving them all because books. Books are one of those things that are great for making you look intelligent, sharing with friends (if you trust them), they’re a good use of free time, and they are fantastic decorations. Honestly, having books is amazing. (That library thing still kind of baffles me because you don’t get to keep said books. 😒) But the problem now is finding somewhere to put all those books.

Back in time (a year), I bought a second bookshelf. It was great! I finally had room for all my books! Except… during this move, one of said super cheap, flimsy bookshelves snapped in half. So… I now have a half a bookshelf. Oops. Which means I have half the space to store said books and while I got a new shelf donated to me by my mother, I needed that one for my movie collection (I may actually have more movies than books. Crazy, right?!) So, now I have books just kind of haphazardly stacked inside each bookshelf and it looks… well, bad.

Last year we had an entire length conversation of organizing one’s bookshelf and if that conversation did nothing else, it made it very clear that people are particular about their bookshelves. They need to look a certain way, are organized a certain way, etc. They are important! And I’m very particular about my bookshelf so this haphazardness is killing me (softly with your love! Haha! Sorry. Couldn’t help it.) It’s because of this haphazardness and unfortunate lack of space that I have faced the ultimate question for every bookworm:

“Do I get rid of books?”

Every take a quick breath because I’m pretty sure half of you just had heartattacks.
When you’re back to normal pulses and adrenaline levels, please continue reading. :p

So, let me explain. As many of you know I don’t always like every book I read (or very few, really). I like to dislike books and I like to trash books and I like to rant about books. Thus, having books I disliked is kind of fun, but it also seems kind of dumb.

I mean, I’ll never re-read that book (not that I re-read in general). I’m not going to ever recommend said book or want to loan it out to a friend. Looking at it on my shelf just makes me remember how much I hated it instead of how much I loved it. And while some of those books may have gorgeous covers, uh… most people organize their bookshelves with only spines visible. Thus, the cover is a moot point.

Thus, I am back to the question of getting rid of my books. It seems only logical. I might even be able to make a little cash off them if I can find a used bookstore that might sell them and they’re extremely well cared for so that’s a good selling point.


I am such a freakin’ hoarder. And I’m attached to inanimate objects for no apparent reason so while I have sorted out the books I want to get rid of… they continue to sit in a stack on my floor in front of my bookshelf instead of like… out of my life forever. *sigh* I know, I’m such a coward. 😦 Still, it needs to be done. Those books need to go. Which is why, I guess I’m more looking for support from you all (haha! I may not get it 😝) to help me get rid of books and make space for others.

Also! I’m curious to know if you plan to or have gotten rid of books in the past, how do you decide which books to get rid of? I mean, yeah we use a rating system for ourselves, but is that how you decide to get rid of books? What about the 3-stars that are iffy? I want to know! Don’t leave me hangin’!

What do you think about getting rid of books?
Leave your thoughts below!

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52 thoughts on “{DISCUSSION} Shelf Overflow”

  1. I might not be the right person to comment on this, because while I like physical books, I prefer to buy digital stuff (ebooks, digital copies of games and music, etc) precisely because I worry I don’t have the space to put books. Heck, I even have space on my shelves! 😆

    I moved quite a bit when I was younger too, so that’s probably a factor. What I did with my old books then was to get rid of stuff I didn’t enjoy or didn’t like enough to revisit by donating them away or selling to used bookstores. I only keep stuff that I have good sentimental feelings for (like my childhood Enid Blyton books and Doeaemon comics).

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    1. (Uh, I accidentally hit sent before I was done, so here’s the rest. 😅)

      I figured back then that my space is limited, so why keep things that I won’t ever touch again? Why not give it (or sell it cheap) to someone else who might enjoy it? It might be hard to find someone who might enjoy these not-so-good books, but hey, the chance is still there. And it might even spark someone into writing stories! (Like “What?! This kind of book can be published?! Heck, I can write better than this so now I’m going to be a writer!!”) 😆

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      1. BAHAHAHA! That writer mentality is honestly me like… all the time! HAHAHA! I’m so conceited. :p

        But yeah. Everyone has different standards for writing and stories and plenty of the books I’ve not enjoyed, I know people have enjoyed it. So, even when I sell a book, there’s a good chance someone will enjoy it.

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    2. Hmmm… I’m pretty sure I have all my books from when I was young. I didn’t get rid of anything. I once got rid of movies when I was in my teens like “I don’t need those anymore.” And now I’m like: “WHY DID I DO THAT?!?!?!?! 😥 ” So… hahaha! Not gonna make that mistake again, but I think that’s why it’s so hard for me to get rid of books (or anything) now really. I just… worry I’ll want it later on for nostalgia sake or something, you know?

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      1. Yeah, I get that what-if-nostalgia feeling, that’s why I have most of my childhood books! Sadly I’m making a major move next year (hopefully), so I won’t be able to bring any of them with me. 😅

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              1. Haha, no worries! There’s no rule that every lady must be hooked up with a man (despite society’s tendency to object about that) and everyone has their own timeline for that. It just means you’ll have to ask a pretty strong friend for help. 😛

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  2. I will usually donate them to Goodwill or Salvation Army, and write a non-spoiler-y comment inside the front or back cover to recommend it to its next owner. If it’s special and in great condition I check if my local library wants it first.

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  3. oh nooooooo! those poor books!! 😛 i totally get, why you want to keep them. i mean, i see myself as a book collector. i want a huge library. i want to have as many books as possible. i love my three big shelves and no, i don’t want to get rid of books. maybe i will come to that point, when my shelves are full. right now, it’s not the case, but it might be at some point. i just love books. but i also know, that i wouldn’t buy so many, if i knew that i need to move soon. i mean, i have been living in my place for quite some time now and i don’t see myself moving soon, so i guess, that i don’t think about keeping all of my books. they are just precious and i want them. so far i haven’t read that many books, that i really disliked. a three star read for me is not bad, it’s still an ok book, nothing special but ok. and it’s my book, so i want to keep them. i just love how they look in my living room. the only thing, that i did, is getting rid of some german books, i knew, i would never read again and also don’t want to keep, because i read english books and i want my collection to be english books. so that’s the only case i got rid of books. the others? hell no! 😀

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    1. WHAT!? I keep all my German books. :p I don’t understand some of them (because they’re from advanced college courses), but I still want to keep them. Also, there’s nowhere to really sell them or donate them around here. You know? So, I feel like it would just be a waste or not one would want them. :p

      Yeah…. I’m kind of on the edge about my 3-star reviews at the moment. I have a few where I’m like: “It was a high 3-stars.” but then there are others where they were low 3-stars. So some I keep, some I trash, but 2 stars or lower are gonna be gone. Byeeeee! :p

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        1. Hahaha! Not where I live?? Most people don’t speak a second language and when they do it’s either French or Spanish. So, I don’t see many German-speakers around these parts and a lot of libraries/bookstores won’t even sell that kind of stuff because of the low demand. :/ sigh

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          1. that’s like hurting me 😀 german isn’t that bad 😀 but i know what you mean. it’s hard to find bookstores in germany with english titles if you are not in a big city. so i kind of get why nobody wants german books there. but, be happy, that way you are unique owning those books 🙂

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            1. Hahahaha! Languages, sadly, just aren’t important in America. Too many people here assume everyone speaks English and therefore see no point in learning other languages, which also means I have a heard time finding people to practice my foreign languages with. :p

              But yeah! I had a hard time finding books in English in Japan, too. I mean, it makes sense. You assume most of the people in your country speak your own language. :/

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  4. Books that I don’t like either are given away to someone who I think would like it or donated to a library booksale. Right now though I have a stack of about 7 books that I don’t want and I’m trying to figure out if I can sell them online. If not, they will be donated. Either way, no poin in me keeping them, I don’t even want to look at them.

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    1. Hm. Online selling. I never thought of that one before, but it’s a good idea. Might be a nice way to earn a little extra cash, assuming you’re not spending too much on S&H. :/

      Haha! I know the feeling. I really don’t want to look at some of these books any more either because they were so bad. Bleh! But I’m willing to wait on donating them to see if I can earn a little cash. Even a few extra dollars here and there would be nice for a rainy day or other important thing, you know?


  5. I usually donate them to a local library, though I often include a little snippet between the pages; half review, half warning. One time I decided I wouldn’t donate a book to anywhere, because I felt it was wrong to inflict it on someone, but I also don’t like the idea of actually destroying a book, so I’m a little stumped on what to do with it.

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    1. Hahahaha! That is a very good thing to think about, Adam. I too have a few books that I truthfully wouldn’t wish on people (even as plenty of people enjoyed the books), but I imagine someone will want to read it and if I can get money off it or share a book with someone who might not be able to afford it, then that’s still okay. Sometimes bad books are still better than no books, you know?

      Still, you could either a) recycle the book or b) save it to burn in the apocalypse. 😉

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  6. I feel like Shanah. I’m only an hoarder for books I really loved. The others I will trade or try to sell and buy new books I will love 😉

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  7. Hello Melanie! I can relate because I’m a hoarder and I will also have to move very soon.

    Believe it or not, I actually don’t have a physical shelf for my books. They all just sit in a pile on a table :’) This is because i only started accumulating books in print very recently. (Before this I was reading a lot of ebooks and listening to audiobooks.) I started off with a few print books and now I have a huge pile!!

    There are some books that I will never read and books that I’ve read but didn’t like. I will likely donate these since I can’t bear the thought of throwing books away haha. It makes it easier that I bought most of them secondhand anyway, and didn’t spend much money on each individual book :’)

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    1. Did your ebook library ever get too full? I find it quite frustrating to browse through books on my kindle because I can’t set it to cover view. I can only see them in a list format and I haven’t read most so I don’t know what any of them are. sigh

      Throwing books away?! The blasphemy! Why would anyone throw the books away? Sell them! Donate them! GOD! At least recycle them! Ugh! People, man.

      I too have been buying most of my books as used now because it’s cheaper and given my high rate of disliked books, it’s just better for my bank account. :p

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      1. I actually never had the experience of my ebook library getting full. My phone often runs out of space for audiobooks but I usually just delete the ones that I’ve listened to because they can be redownloaded from audible later 🙂
        Lol yes I agree no one should throw books away!
        I absolutely love used books 🙂 I’ve also been borrowing audiobooks from the library because I usually just listen to them once anyway 🙂

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          1. Yeah! I can’t listen to audiobooks or read books at work either, since it would be considered unprofessional haha. However sometimes I sneak in a few minutes here and there to check comments and blog hop :’)

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  8. I super agree with this! I have so many books, so many I still need to read. When we moved into our house and I was organizing my bookshelf I decided to go through my books. I kept ones that I loved or had a special connection with me. I only got rid of a few but they were ones that I have picked up multiple times and never finished because I knew that I wasn’t ever going to finish them. I got rid of books that I absolutely hated and ones that I couldn’t even finish because the book was so bad. It’s hard to get rid of books because I love them so much but I just told myself they are taking up space for books that I DO want to read and books that I DO enjoy 🙂

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    1. That’s awesome! I’m jealous of your bravery. Haha! But truly, I think any bookworm will attest just how hard it is to get rid of books, even books we dislike. So that’s an awesome thing that you did and I probably should’ve done that when I moved (at least during one of my last 6 moves. :p ) But I’ll get there eventually. Usually when I move, I end up getting rid of clothes that don’t fit or something. That’s just easier for me. Hahahaha!


  9. I now have 3 bookshelves, and even those are starting to overflow. (I need help) If I don’t love a book or it isn’t in by one of my favorite authors, I put it in a box and every spring I donate that box to Accio Books. That way I’m cleaning my bookshelf and providing books to people who want/need them. I’m also part of the HPA’s apparating library so I can trade books when I go to conferences and stuff. The only thing with the AL though is I end up with new books.

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    1. Accio books? What’s that? wants to know more 🙂

      Hey! Nothing wrong with getting new books for your old books. I think trading is good because you’re still getting something out of it, you know? My problem is having books that I don’t like. That just seems like a giant waste of space. :/

      Three bookshelves is a lot! But I can understand. 🙂 Do you keep books by authors you love even if you didn’t like the book? I’m curious.

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      1. Accio Books is the Harry Potter Alliance’s big spring fundraiser. The point of it is to get books into hands of children mostly that won’t have access otherwise. You clean out your bookshelf and either donate the books to the charity that the HPA has chosen or to a local one.
        There is a house points system, and you can win the house cup. Ravenclaw always wins during Accio Books. There are so many Ravenclaws.

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  10. I have more books that I should. Books that I bought cheap that I’m “going to read someday.” As well as books that I read and will never read again. I ran out of room once, and ended up filling a tote with books, and that tote is not in my crawlspace. So, I guess I’m not a very good person to help you get rid of books.

    Would it help if I said it absolutely makes sense to get rid of books you won’t read again? It’s hypocritical, I know, but if I was an outsider looking at my own situation I’d be like, “What the hell, dude? Looks like you can get rid of that whole tote.”

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    1. Hahaha! It’s a bookworm/book hoarder problem. 😉 I never re-read anything so I really have no excuse to even buy books in the first place (except that they make very nice decor. Hee hee!) But it is quite difficult, honestly. Even after I set a bunch of books off to the side there they continue to sit. Who knows when I’ll get around to selling them. Though, it might be easier if I actually had a Half Price Books around here somewhere. Closest one is like 4 hours away or something. Hardly worth the car trip. :p

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  11. If I really didn’t like it and know that I would never reread it then no. I trade it in for something I’ll actually read. I may keep it on my shelf for a while just because (hoarder!) and then trade it in later when I need more space. I haven’t had to move since I’ve gotten my bookshelves but I have to say it’s going to be awful when I have to move them some day!

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    1. Hahaha! Moving in general is awful, but moving as a bookworm is ten times worse. Hopefully you won’t have to do it any time soon. 🙂

      And I never re-read anything. I wish I did, and I can think of books I want to re-read, but… I barely have time for unread books! Hahaha! Definitely got made fun of by some non-bookworms about all my unread books. :p (all in good fun, of course.)

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