When does requesting ARCs become a problem?

People get started in book blogging for a variety of reasons: love of books, wanting to share reviews, finding a community, and… wanting advanced reader copies (ARCs) of books. Because it’s super exciting to read new books, especially ahead of time. It’s also a symbol of prestige, especially if you get sent physical books from publishers (even more so if you get sent them without asking for them. That’s like… the ultimate sign of being awesome. Hahaha!)

But, one of the many struggles that book bloggers (and readers) face is always wanting more books. They can be new books, books you’ve already read, and just books in general. (Heck! Some of us like books we haven’t even enjoyed because that bookshelf needs to be full. Haha!) And ARCs are just as fun to put on a bookshelf and have as already published books. So, since we all have problems with book hoarding (nope! Don’t try to deny it. You’re a reader. You hoard books. It’s a thing. :p )…

Is it possible to also have a problem with ARCs?

What I mean by this is, is it possible to request too many ARCs? Is it possible that only reading ARCs is a problem? Because what about all the books you just found out about that were published years ago? When are you really going to have time to read them now that you have all these ARCs to read? More importantly, when are you going to read them?

The biggest problem with receiving ARCs for review is that you have a deadline. You have to read and review them by a certain date because that’s part of the invisible contract you signed when you asked for the book/when you were sent the book. You have to get your review up before or no later than two weeks after the book is published. You’re on a timeline.

Now, what if you did something really silly (like I know so many book bloggers have done), and you didn’t expect to get all the books you requested? Say you requested six ARCs and thought you’d only get maybe two because of your lack of stats, followers, etc? But then you actually get most or all of them!


What’s worse is that three of them publish on the same exact date! Meaning you have to read and review all three of the books in a short period of time or figure out how to appease the publishers and then you have to decide which one do you appease more than others? What if you just can’t get them all up in a timely manner? Then what?!

It’s because of these questions and concerns that I worry that there is such a thing as OVER-ARCING. You request so many ARCs and you don’t have the time/availability to read and review them in a timely manner. Yeah, ARCs may be fun, but you just tarnished your reputation because you got overzealous. Of course, I don’t know just how detrimental these mistakes are, but you have to agree this is an important question.

But what do you think?
Is it possible to over ARC?
Leave your thoughts below!

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27 thoughts on “{DISCUSSION} OverARCing”

  1. It is definitely possible to “over-ARC” lol. I try to avoid it as much as possible. I only request ARC’s of books I really want to read and promote. I also try not to ask for too many because I tend to procrastinate and I know I would end up with a crap ton and then get behind. I love getting ARC’s but I definitely don’t over request just to get free books like it seems like some people do.

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    1. Yeah, that’s me right now. I requested a BUNCH when I first got on Netgalley because I was SUUUUUPER excited to have a Netgalley ( :p ) but I never got around to reading some. And some of them were just kind of bad so I would start and then stop. :/ So now I know to be careful when I request books because I don’t want to not read them and leave them sitting in my Netgalley dashboard or something. (Requesting physical ARCs also makes me pickier and keeps me from requesting a TON of books. Hee hee!)

      Yeah…. I hate the idea of requesting just to get books, but I also care about my reputation as a book blogger. I don’t want to ruin any relationships with authors/publishers because I said I would read something and then I didn’t make time for it or just didn’t. :/

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      1. I have 4 of them sitting on NG right now because I got behind with my slump. I requested a bunch on Edelweiss and got denied, so I am a little bummed with that. I don’t know if they are super selective or if I keep requesting too late and they run out of copies to send. But I guess that keeps me from getting over run lol. And physical ARCs make me pickier too. I definitely only request ones I truly want to read and promote because I know those cost the publisher to send.

        I really hate seeing people do that. You see people getting so many and you know they can’t possibly give the time deserved to promoting them. I am the same way. I know this is a hobby, but I treat it like a professional job. Everyone gets respect, and I try to complete things in a timely manner and keep those relationships in good standing.

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        1. Same. It is a hobby. I don’t get paid for it, but it is a professional manner when you are dealing with publishers and authors because for them it is a profession. What you do and what you say reflects back on them and how much profit they make and whether a series will or will not be continued. Thus it’s important to treat it seriously, in my opinion.

          And they didn’t have to send me one. It’s expensive, as you said. And there are tons of bloggers out there with more followers than me. So, to be selected is amazing and I don’t want to take advantage of that.

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          1. Couldn’t agree more with all your points! It is sad to see some people not treating this subject with professionalism and respect. I always feel important when I’m selected for an ARC, so I want to show them that their choice was not in vain!

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  2. I can see getting carried away with ARCs. I’m still pretty new to being able to get my hands on ARCs so I’m super cautious about how many in requesting, whether it’s physical books or netgalley ebooks. I definitely WANT to request more. I’m just too paranoid that some blog cop will knock on my door and wag a finger at me saying, “too many young man!”

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    1. Bahahahaha! That’s really funny, J.W. But I can totally understand that worry and I definitely threw myself in a hole at Netgalley for a while because I requested so many right off the bat. There’s only too many ARCs if you don’t read them, in my opinion. Letting them sit there does nobody any good. And I think it’s best to only request books you REALLY want to read because otherwise, in my case, I have a feeling I may not like it and it’s a waste of a request, in my opinion.

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  3. I am definitely guilty of over ARCing. I’ve calmed down a bit now but when I first started out and discovered NetGalley I went a bit nuts and totally over requested. I still have books from then I haven’t read.

    Now I try to limit to only 2 or 3 books that are due to be published each month but you do find there are lots of the books you want all coming out at the same time and it’s too tempting.

    I’m obviously so happy and grateful to get advance copies but sometimes I do just want to read what I want.

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    1. ME TOOOO! I feel so bad about the books sitting on my Netgalley shelf because it looks bad on my profile (and it’s unfair to those books). But I tried to read a few and just could not get into them. I should really go around and rate a few 1 stars because I didn’t like them to clear them off my shelf, but I keep feeling like one day…. :p

      Hahaha! I swear all the books I want to read do come out at the same time. It’s kind of awful. :p And that’s when I have to really finagle my review schedule to fit them all in (if by some miracle I do get accepted to review all of them. Hee hee!)

      And yeah, me too. I’m grateful for all the books I’ve received and had the chance to review and I try not to abuse that privilege by requesting more than I can handle. Not fair to the publishers and bad for my reputation. :/


  4. Sometimes I find myself drowning in the incoming book mail! Then I’ll go weeks and weeks and not get anything. It’s always one of those feast or famine things. I went through a stage of feeling very overwhelmed! However, I realized while I LOVE getting unsolicited books and being approved for things on Net Galley – I’m not obligated to read and review everything. Especially things I was sent but did not specifically ask for. I try to review close(ish) to publication date but I don’t see getting a book as a contract. I don’t hold myself to that two week deadline at all. There is no expiration on a good book! So, if I don’t review something that came out in June until November then I don’t sweat it.

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    1. Hahahaha! I have never been drowning in bookmail, yet (which I should be thankful for because I never have enough time to read. :p ) I sometimes feel I want more, but I like having the time to fill in those reading spaces with books already on my shelf because I do need to get to them and read them (some of them are quite old now and I’m like… the last person to read them. Hahahaha!)

      That’s very interesting. I could understand not being obligated to read a book sent to you without request, but I feel like if you do request, you are kind of saying “Hey, I’ll read and review this” because that’s kind of how it works? Also, there are generally only so many copies given out and if you don’t plan to read/review, your copy could have gone to someone who would? But I see it also as promoting the author and series. So, I review not just for myself and I know a lot of people do review for themselves (and there’s nothing wrong with that! 🙂 )

      It’s interesting how different your attitude towards ARCs is than other people. Not to say it’s bad, just different. I’ve never run into a reviewer before with the “I’ll get to it” kind of mindset, but I imagine that’s quite a bit more freeing than my “whelp! Time to re-arrange my review schedule… again!” Hahahaha.


  5. I’ve really had to start scheduling and watching myself. When I first joined netgalley, I requested way too many. Now I try to request ones that are more spread out for release date. It still can get stressful, but I’m finally doing better with them. Luckily I do well under pressure.

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    1. Hahahaha! That is totally me. I requested a TON when I first got on Netgalley too and I tried reading them, but never finished so they’re just sitting there (for over a year). >.> Oops. But some day I will get around to reading them (or DNFing a few.) And a schedule is so important! 😀 I am so happy I finally got into using one for my review schedule and stick to reviewing on Sundays every week. I need that kind of structure.

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  6. I definitely over request, but I don’t get approved very often which is how I justify it to myself. I try to pick books that are at least a week apart in release dates, but when a book catches my eye, I’m requesting it. All of the arcs I’ve gotten are E-book so not having them in a pile in front of me makes me feel like I don’t have as many sitting around as I really do.

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    1. Hahaha! That was me too. I used to not get accepted for hardly anything so I was like: “No big deal if I request a bunch.” :p And then I did start getting accepted and I was like CRAP!!!! Although, now I’ve gotten really picky about physical vs digital. I don’t like reading digital as much and it takes me longer so I try to request a physical from the publisher before looking to Netgalley or elsewhere, but I’m also not super big on requesting ARCs right now. (Really gotta work on the books I already have on my shelf. :p )


  7. It’s possible to over ARC indeed that’s why I use my Google calendar and have a look before requesting any ARC. I need to know that my schedule is clear and allow me to read “mood” books too and not only ARCs. Discipline is the key (and no I don’t have German or Japanese ancestors that I know of LOL).

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    1. Hahahaha! I tried using Google Calendar, but I already have it set-up for my weekly book reviews. So it was confusing to look at that and then ARCs on top of it. So, I like using my review schedule on my blog better. It allows me a separate location to see what my actual review schedule looks like. 🙂

      Good thing is that I don’t have ‘moods’ for reading so I don’t have to worry about making room for those. However, I do get tired of genres and really need to start branching out. I just need to read faster to fit in some of these other genres.

      Discipline is key. 😉 And I do have German descent. HAHAHAHA!


  8. Lol I’ve definitely been buried alive by ARCs before! My blog doesn’t have AMAZING stats so I usually request a few at a time and end up getting maybe one or two. But yeah, every once in a while I get approved for everything at once and a lot of the times the publish dates are super close together which means I bleed my eyes dry binge-reading desperately trying to get everything done on time.
    But this really doesn’t happen TOO often (thank goodness lol) so I still browse the web for ARCs and request whatever catches my fancy.
    I only have a few physical ARCs and wish I had more! I really don’t like reading ebooks, although reading on my Nook makes it better than on my computer. But any ARCs are cool, they’re “free”, and they’re a good attraction for my blog. I’ll take the risk of drowning in deadlines 😜

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    1. Yeah, same here. Ebooks aren’t really my thing. I definitely read slower when I read on ebooks and I don’t like how my eyes are constrained to the page that I’m on rather being flitting around to spoiler myself. Hahahahaha! :p But I do still accept ebook ARCs because, like you said, a free book is a free book! 😀 And it’s still exciting whether it’s physical or digital.

      My biggest problem with the deadline aspect is that I only review one book a week. I started this a while ago when I realized that I was struggling to finish reading a book a week or a book a month. Having a schedule posted for people to see and having a set schedule for which book I will be reviewing, forces me to read one book a week. It ensures that I’m reading at all. Though, because I do only review one book a week, it is difficult when three come out on the same day or something. :p Gotta finagle my schedule a bit then. Hee hee!

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