I’m building an army πŸ˜ˆ

Mwahahahaha! My army will take over the world!


Yeah, I know, I wish I was that cool. Actually, my army is not military in nature whatsoever. In fact, I’m not even calling it an army. I’m calling it…

A Murder of Betareaders

Now some of you may understand the comedic humor behind the name of my army. (A murder is a group of crows. And murder just goes well with my evilness. Hee hee!) And I can’t even take credit for the name. Hahahahaha! My friend came up with it. :p Thank you, Bree. But anyway! To the details!

What is A Murder of Betareaders?

I’m so glad you asked! My Murder in essence is a group of people who like my writing and want to support it/help me improve. Think of it like a street team… for an unpublished novelist. Hahaha! πŸ˜‰

What does each member of the Murder get/do?

Yay! More good questions! πŸ˜€ You guys are so smart! Hee hee! Each member of my Murder will get access to new stories I have written before I’ve submitted them anywhere. When a story is available, members have the option to read a story, or pass on the story as their schedule and interest allows.

If they chose to read it, I ask that they make ALL THE COMMENTS and send it back to me with their thoughts. This will help me improve each story to its best potential AND improve my writing ability over time. πŸ™‚

How often are new stories available?

Hahaha!Β πŸ˜…Β I am hoping once a month for my short horror stories (I’m really trying to build my repertoire this year), but novels will take a little longer (especially with me being in graduate school.)

Basically, one short horror story (less than 5K words) each month and hopefully a scifi novel (80K words) once or twice a year.

This sounds fun! Where can I enlist in the Murder?

YAS!! My recruiting tactics have worked! Hahahaha! 🀣 If you would like to be part of my Murder, please fill out this mailchimp form to join the emailing list. You will only be emailed when new stories are available and you may choose to not read any story for any reason while still remaining on the list. No obligations.


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