Let’s go Camping!

Hey there readers and readerettes!

I hope everyone had a wonderful March (because I have no idea where mine went). But however your March went, remember that April starts on Sunday! Yay! It’s so close! And I have soooo many things I’m looking forward to in April. Shall I share them with you? No? Well, too bad! I’m telling you anyway. Grrr.

1) In October, I applied for a graduate school fellowship funded by the National Science Foundation.

This is SUPER prestigious and would make me feel AMAZING, plus it would fund my education for THREE years. How awesome is that?! It makes me super desirable to all the professors who wouldn’t have to pay me for three years. Hahahaha! 😂

But anyway, since there are over 10,000 applicants, it takes them a few months to go through them all and award the fellowships. So, I will be stalking their website to find out who the winners are. 😉 (ie me, because I’m amazing! Haha! jk. We shall wait and see.)

2) Author-Mentor Match picks are made!

In March I found this cool website that matches agented/published authors with unagented/unpublished authors to help them with their manuscripts and guide them in finding an agent/editor/publisher. Aka it’s an amazing opportunity for me to get some professional feedback on my novel(s) and hopefully find a new writing friend. So, here’s hoping one of the four agents I submitted to will like my manuscript enough to want to help it! 😀

3) Camp NaNo!

Bahahahaha! I know. I know. I am always hating on NaNo and then I participate in NaNo anyway like a total hypocrite. What? Can you blame me? I need some motivation. Alright, AND I have some friends I want to help/mentor as they are newer to writing than I am. (Yeah. I like to have the swag of being a mentor. 😎)

So, I am participating in Camp NaNo in April with a few friends and fellow writers and I will be working on writing Part II of my current manuscript (that I let fall by the way side while I was in graduate school.) My goal for NaNo is to complete a first draft. And then I will spend the next few months editing because I plan to submit this manuscript to PitchWars in August. Ready to watch me die? Okay!

P.s. If you’re a writer still looking for a cabin, leave your camp nano username below and I’ll send you an invite to our cabin.

P.p.s Are you that person who’s always wanted to write a book but never knew where to start? Join our cabin! We have a few newer writers are in the same boat and you can use Camp NaNo as an opportunity to explore writing. You don’t even have to write. You can spend the entire month plotting or researching or just throwing out ideas because you set your own goals for Camp NaNo!

Come join us! We have cookies!

Yes, they are Dark Side cookies.


6 thoughts on “Let’s go Camping!”

  1. 1) That is awesome and I seriously hope you get it! GO BE BRILLIANT.
    2) Whaaat? Dude, that’s cool. Once again, I hope you get one of those authors you submitted to!
    3) Lol I’ve done NaNo for…three years now? But I’ve never done Camp NaNo. I’m too busy this year but go be a badass mentor! Woo!
    P.S. Jealous of those dark side cookies 😜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! Thank you for all your support and well wishes, Angela. 🙂 Hopefully I will have some good news to report back in a few weeks. Hee hee!

      And I know a few people who are too busy for April Camp NaNo, but are thinking about doing July Camp NaNo so keep it in mind. 😉 I’d love to have a big, full, active cabin! (I already have my novel picked out for July too Hahahahaha!)

      Hope things aren’t too busy for you and you are staying sane. 🙂

      P.s. Everyone is jealous of dark side cookies. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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