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I’m a writer, damn it!

I’m sure many (if not all) writers out there know just how difficult being a writer is. It is a constant rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, getting super excited about a project and then being crushed over it. For some, this is maddening. Others thrive on it. And a significant few cannot escape it no matter how hard they try.

Yeah, hi. *waves* That’s me in the last category. I have tried COUNTLESS times to give up writing, tossing it aside, burying my notebooks, and pretending I had no ideas whatsoever, but I cannot escape my insanity. Ideas struck me anywhere, anytime, and most often in my dreams. Despite my best efforts, writing has drawn me back in to its horrid, spiraling depths of chaos!


Aaaanyway. I have conceded to the voices and imaginary worlds and given them control so they can scribble themselves down on paper and what do you know, I’ve completed three novels. One shall NEVER see the light of day (God, that was awful.) The second was cliche trash with plot holes galore. The third… is available for you to read for free. (and of course, there’s about 6 others in there somewhere that are half-way done and constantly in the midst of a battle royale with each other to vie for my attention. Man, you should see the fights! They’re pretty bloody.) But I’m getting off track!

My novel!
It’s free!

(read it or else…)


by me! 😄

Nineteen-year-old Freja assumed being claustrophobic while living in a compact, fully-enclosed, underwater home was the worst that could happen to her. That is, until someone sabotages the food supply, murders her fellow citizens, and sends her anonymous messages suggesting more is to come.



What readers have said so far…

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