Bye Bye, Swoon Reads!

Many of you have likely seen my novel sitting in my side-bar, maybe you saw a post about, heck! Maybe you even read it because it was up on Swoon Reads for so long and I am so happy at how many people read it and all the fantastic responses I got regarding Submerged. But it’s time.

I’m removing Submerged from Swoon Reads.

submergedSubmerged has been up on Swoon Reads since the end of 2017 and with all the wonderful comments I received, I have been able to make some serious improvements and alterations to the story. In other words, it’s no longer the same book that sits up on that website. Even if, by some miracle, the editors at Swoon Reads decided to pick up Submerged and publish it, I would have a new copy for them and that wouldn’t be right. I can’t let them publish the story as it was when I uploaded it. So it’s time to take it down.

But you still have time to read!

For the rest of July, I will leave Submerged up on Swoon Reads. On August 1st, it will disappear. So you still have a few weeks to read it and rate it and comment on it if you never got the chance to do so before. Just pop on over to Swoon Reads, take a few seconds to make an account, and start reading today! After this month, you’ll just have to wait and see if an agent or indie publisher picks it up. 😉

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