3rd Blog-o-versary!

Has it been 3 years already??

Time sure does fly, doesn’t it?

Over the last three years my blog has changed so much, my life has changed so much, and I have changed so much, but my goals have not. I still want to be an author and it’s because of that goal that I have decided to quit blogging for good. Officially. (No, this is not another joke. I’m serious.)

When I started out, my blog was intended to be a place to support my writing and promote my career as a novelist, but all it has really done is gotten in the way. I spent more time prepping blog posts and socializing on Twitter than I did writing. I can’t let that happen anymore. If I want to actually be a novelist, I need to be spending more of my time writing novels, not angry rants (though, they are fun. Hee hee!)

This is not to say I will be vanishing from the interwebs entirely. I will still be around on Twitter and Facebook, and I’ll be updating my author website as I achieve more publications and more writing, and I’ll be sending out my author newsletters bi-weekly (assuming I remember to do so. Hahaha!) Additionally, I have picked up a new hobby (or old hobby revitalized I suppose) that is going to take up a lot of my time, as well, and I enjoy it more than blogging. (It’s cosplaying, by the way. 😉 )

At the end of the day, I really just do not get the same enjoyment out of blogging as I used to. It’s a lot of work for very little return and, while I like talking to people here, I don’t get as much response as I would like. My discussions aren’t that popular and I don’t read enough to keep up with consistent reviews any more either.

So all in all I am diverting my efforts from blogging to more actively pursue things I find true enjoyment in: writing and cosplaying. And I would love to keep in contact with people I’ve met through my blog so you are welcome to chat with me any time on my social media, and don’t forget to support my writing by joining my newsletter!


10 thoughts on “3rd Blog-o-versary!”

  1. That’s a long time and I could understand the feeling. It’s tough work to maintain blog and keep everything in a line. I’m blogging for only year and half and I can feel the strain of it. It’s sad to hear about your decision. I wish you all the best.

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