Beginning the Self-Pub Journey: Betas

After many years of querying novels, publishing short fiction, changing career paths… twice, I’m getting back to my roots: writing. More specifically: noveling.

I have 3 novels that I’ve attempted querying to no avail, but which I’d still like to share for people to read so I’m going to self-publish them. But first, I want to do another round of betas and, hopefully, grow a relationship with these betas to work together again in the future (‘cuz I have 3 new scifi novels I’m drafting. haha!)

Below are my three finished novels. You’re welcome to beta read them all or just one, but please keep in mind that my ideal deadline for feedback is December 31, 2022 so I can begin any final edits in early 2023.

Sota Radiation (dark YA scifi @ 94,000 words)
Imprisoned for her ability to create lightning, Giselle must power the prison’s electrical grid or risk becoming the surgical team’s next test subject. But torture and death are the least of her concerns when she discovers her brother will soon share her fate. To return home and save him, Giselle’s only hope of escape lies with a group of admitted murderers.

Submerged (Futuristic scifi @ 84,000 words)
Being claustrophobic while living in a compact, fully-enclosed, underwater home was bad enough, but now someone’s sabotaged the food supply, committed murder, and threatened her best friend’s life. To protect those she cares about, Freja must challenge her fears and learn to put others before herself.

Symbiote (Non-human survival thriller @ 61,000 words)
Being hunted is Vorla’s first and only memory and survival is her only friend. But no hunted has ever survived. Not forever, at least. So when an opportunity to infiltrate the hunters and learn their secrets arises, Vorla seizes it. Now trapped in the hunter-land, her instincts are useless, her strategies impossible, and it’s only a matter of time before she’s found out.

If you’re interested in beta reading any of these novels (And yes, I know they all start with ‘S’. No, that wasn’t intentional. Haha!), please comment below or reach out via my contact form.

5 thoughts on “Beginning the Self-Pub Journey: Betas”

  1. Hi Melanie! I’m not sure if I have time to beta read right now (though your books sound awesome so I’m very tempted), but I remember reading an early draft of Symbiote! I still think about it and kept waiting for it to be published so I’m glad you’re determined to get it out there because I definitely think it’s worth sharing!

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    1. Hey, Simon. Long time no see and thank you for the offer! I’d greatly appreciate the read! If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your email here, please feel free to drop it in my contact form and I’ll email you with more details. 🙂

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