About The Aspiring Novelist

Hi there!

The name’s Melanie Noell Bernard. You know, if you didn’t catch that already. 😜 And yes, that’s Noell with two ‘L’s because my parents wanted to be different, which worked out well because I’m veeery different. 😂

Don’t believe me?
Keep reading.

I’m a twenty-five-year-old aspiring novelist who writes young adult science fiction novels and horror short stories. I’ve been told I have a knack for the dark, the gritty, the disturbing, and the intense. But while I enjoy creeping out my readers (😝), I love building worlds more!

But every writer’s got a day job.

IRL I’m just a young adult trying to make ends meet and find my place in this crazy world. I don’t really have a dream job, but I hope to build a career that revolves around science. I freakin’ love science!

You know what else I love? Home!

I hail from the swamp-ridden, eternally cloudy, lower peninsula of the Mitten state. (In case you don’t know, that’s Michigan.) If you have to ask why I don’t like a lot of sunlight (or any really. Hahaha), or why I’m so pale, then you’ve never been to Michigan. Trust me, it’s easy to become a vampire here. 😆

That’s what indoor hobbies are for.

Science and writing aren’t the only things I do. I have a WIIIIIDE variety of hobbies, including reading (and reviewing) books, listening to (and playing) music, pretending I’m an artist (with my adult coloring book 😉), dreaming of my next tattoo(s), using the Hunger Games as motivation for running (because the zombie apocalypse is so mainstream), planning ultimate world domination, playing tug-o-war with my dog, and scheduling meetings for initiates to The Dark Side. 😁

Fun Facts

  • ‘Melanie Noell Bernard’ means ‘Dark-clothed Christmas bear.’ Yeah, you wish you were that cool. 😉
  • I wrote my very first story when I was five. It was about mermaids… I now hate mermaids. 😒
  • I speak German fluently, and am teaching myself French and Japanese.
  • I quite enjoy being weird, abnormal, and perhaps even creepy. 😈

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