35 Fun Facts w/ gifs

1) Somehow, I broke both of my feet in the same place (many years apart.)

2) None of my wisdom teeth have grown in (and may never.) Score!

3) I have a knack for memorizing TV show theme songs. (I remember most from when I was a child.)

4) I stare at people’s eyes like a creep because my undergrad research project was on the ‘genetics of human eye color.’ Sorry in advance. :p

5) I hate wearing shoes and would always go barefoot if given the opportunity.

6) I love climbing trees!

7) I get the most compliments on my smile. Not sure why… :/

8) I suck at video games, but love playing them! 

9) Totally wish I could drift! That’d be EPIC!

10) I’m an AMAZING dancer. :p

11) I failed swimming lessons.

12) The smell and taste of wintergreen makes me sick.

13) I’m often too lazy to find paper and therefore simply write them on my arms and hands. :p (Yeah, I’m that kid. hee hee)

14) I just got my first tattoo in October 2015 as an early birthday present to myself. (I’ve been planning this tattoo since I was 20. Oops!)tattoo.jpeg

15) I used to tell myself I’d grow up and become a rockstar. :p (You know… on my violin. Haha!)

16) Some days I actually find it fun when people stare at me like I’m crazy. 😀 (I learned to embrace it! They just wish they were this cool. :p)

17) As a child, I had no reflexes. I would literally fall with my arms tucked at my sides, and smack face first into the concrete. (Don’t worry. I have reflexes now. :p)

18) I’m the worst cook ever. I screwed up pasta once… >.>

19) People tell me I’m ‘too loud‘… Then, they ask me ‘what’s wrong?’ when I’m quiet. -.- Really? Pick one!

20) In high school, I dyed my hair turquoise… and I miss it a lot!

21) I volunteered for a Maid Cafe at an anime convention, which basically counts as cosplaying! ^.^ Loved it! Can’t wait to cosplay some more!

22) The closest I get to ‘artsy‘ is the following picture…

23) I’ve traveled to six countries outside of North America: Germany, France, England, the Netherlands, Japan, and S. Korea.

24) I put enough creamer in my coffee to make it caramel colored. (P.s. I pronounce it as ‘car-ml’.)

25) When buttering/peanut-buttering my bread it has to perfectly cover the toast in an even, thin layer. (Random quirk. :p)

26) I used to be scared of butterflies. I faced my fear two years ago by visiting the Butterfly House on Mackinac Island.

27) It sounds like I’m suffocating when I laugh and I’ve had people ask me if I’m okay. >.>

28) Rapunzel has ALWAYS been my favorite princess even BEFORE Disney made her a big thing.

29) I hope to be fluent in seven languages someday. I’m only at two so far.

30) I drink Perrier (sparkling water/bubbly water/water w/ gas) because I think it makes me look cool and it reminds me of being in Europe. :p

31) I’m an adrenaline junkie. I love roller coasters, driving fast, motorcycles, anything that gives me a rush! I almost went skydiving while I was in Germany, but… I broke my foot like an idiot and couldn’t go. So, it’s still on my bucket list.

32) In high school I thought I was badass… I haven’t grown out of that mindset. :p

33) I have an addiction to salt: popcorn, chips, pretzels(0.0 PRETZELS!)

34) I’m physically incapable of tanning.

35) I love belting out songs and sometimes I do it in public, too. :p