Melanie Noell Bernard

As you may have guessed, my name is Melanie Noell Bernard. Yes, that is how I spell ‘Noell’. :p My parents wanted to be different, which works because I like to be different. Hee hee!

Anyway, I’m a twenty-five-year-old aspiring novelist, who writes young adult books. Specifically I write in the sub-genres of science fiction, post-apocalyptic, and dystopian. I enjoy writing in these genres because they allow for endless possibilities when it comes to world-building and plot options. Additionally, these genres tend to be gritty. This works well given my darker writing style, which you can get a feel for in my World of Radiation serial fiction series or my Flash Fiction Friday posts.


1464879743467s.jpgOf course, one of the most important things for a novelist to do besides writing, is reading, and I love reading! I didn’t used to. It took me many years to actually get into reading despite my parents many attempts, but when I did, I gobbled those books up like there was no tomorrow. And while I write in only three genres, I try to branch out when it comes to reading. I add a little fantasy, historical fiction, and space opera into the mix. I’m, also, looking to start throwing some thrillers and even some horror into the pot. Take a peek at the books I read in 2015, the books I read in 2016, the books I’ve read so far in 2017, or check out some of my book reviews.


Even with all the writing and reading I do, I still make time for my favorite hobby of all: music. I’ve played violin since I was nine, and piano since I was twelve. It’s my dream to play ‘Winter’ by Vivaldi on my violin, and ‘Moonlight Sonata’ by Beethoven on the piano. However, I’ll need to practice a lot more for Vivaldi, and my fingers barely reach a full octave on the piano leaving Beethoven out of the question.

Even so, I fill my world with music, and not just classical. I also listen to metal, electronic, Irish rock, Kpop, rock ‘n roll, country, nightcore, alternative, musicals, acapella, etc, and while I don’t post about music on my blog, I am more than willing to strike up a conversation about it. ^.^ I love music so much that on October 27, 2015 I got a treble clef tattooed on my wrist. This way, music will always be a part of me.

Reading, writing, and music are just three of things that make up who I am. If you’d like to know more just leave a comment below! I’m happy to answer questions and chat with my readers! ^.^

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