Beginning the Self-Pub Journey: Betas

After many years of querying novels, publishing short fiction, changing career paths... twice, I'm getting back to my roots: writing. More specifically: noveling. I have 3 novels that I've attempted querying to no avail, but which I'd still like to share for people to read so I'm going to self-publish them. But first, I want… Continue reading Beginning the Self-Pub Journey: Betas


3rd Blog-o-versary!

Has it been 3 years already?? Time sure does fly, doesn't it? Over the last three years my blog has changed so much, my life has changed so much, and I have changed so much, but my goals have not. I still want to be an author and it's because of that goal that I… Continue reading 3rd Blog-o-versary!



The hatred I see in this world has triggered me and I can't NOT talk about it. Join the discussion, but I can't guarantee that there is one this week.


{DISCUSSION} Mental Health = Weak

Does having a mental health disorder make a person weak? Let's discuss.

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