traditional japanese breakfast

Japanese Food: Traditional Breakfast

While staying in a ryokan in Kinosaki, I opted to pay for the traditional Japanese breakfast. Boy! Was I in for a shock! Read more about my experience and let me know if you've ever tried traditional Japanese breakfasts!


Japanese Food: Takoyaki

Now, takoyaki is an interesting dish of Japan and before you judge it, you need to try it! Read more about what takoyaki is and tell me if you've ever had it!


Geisha, Geiko, Maiko

Kyoto is still a very traditional city. As such, the geisha is still a common occuence, at least in the Gion district. And with this being such an integral part of Japaneae culture,  I opted to partake in a guided walking tour(¥1000). For 100min I was led through Gion and saw the buildings that are… Continue reading Geisha, Geiko, Maiko