Days of Christmas ’15 & ’16


Date Title Blogger
December 1st Christmas in Australia, this is how we do it  Carla Louise
December 2nd  Dancing with the Nutcracker and Becoming the Mouse King  Kristen
December 3rd  What I love about Christmas: Sea, Sun and Family  Dr. Gulara
December 4th  An Orphan’s Favorite Holiday Things  Lisa
December 5th  My Minimalist Christmas  Deanna
December 6th  Christmas Across Continents  Flavia
December 7th  Krampus: The Yule Lord  Ryan
December 8th  Bad Holiday Horror Movies  Lilyn
December 9th  What Christmas Is to Me  Lara
December 10th  In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas  Rachael
December 11th  Melted Snowman Oreo Truffles  Britt
December 12th  The Tudor Twelve Days of Christmas  Tony
December 13th  Best Christmas Movies: New & Old  Tracy
December 14th  Christmas in the Philippine Setting  Shealea
December 15th  {Discussion} Giving vs Receiving Books
December 16th  Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree  Erriel
December 17th  Can’t Pick Just One  Megan
December 18th  Gifting the Arts for Christmas  Morgan
December 19th  The Infectious Christmas Spirit  Eman
December 20th  Seasonal Magic  Solveig
December 21st  Looking Forward to Christmas  Lucy
December 22nd  {Discussion} Santa or not to Santa
December 23rd  Tinsel, Town, and Toys  Stephanie
December 24th  A Holiday of Resilience  Breeanna
December 25th Nothing but a Silent Night  Melanie


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