Review Policy & Rating System

Hi there!

At the present time I’m attempting to catch up on books I already own, but have not yet read. (Hint: There’s a LOT!) As such, I will not be taking review requests from indie/self-published authors. However, I will make exceptions to my review schedule for publisher-submitted review copies.

While I may not agree to read and review every book sent to me, I guarantee to notify the sender of my decision either way. Additionally, I do not review books written by people I know or may interact with in the blog-o-sphere as I would be unable to write an unbiased review.

Book Genres

I mostly read young adult novels, but occasionally dabble in adult fiction. This proportion is reflected in my book reviews.

Preferred Genres Infrequent, but Accepted Genres
  • Science Fiction
    • Dystopian
    • Post-Apoc
    • Futuristic
    • Space Opera
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Fairytale Retellings
  • Classic
  • Comics/Graphic Novels
  • Horror
  • Manga
  • Mystery
  • Steampunk
  • Urban Fantasy

Book Format

I am more likely to accept an ARC than an already published book. While I prefer reading physical copies of books, I will accept digital copies (.mobi preferred), as well. It may take me a couple extra weeks to read an electronic copy. I accept review requests from authors, agents, publishers, etc.


To contact me, please fill out my contact form, as this is the easiest way to get ahold of me. Emails are read daily.

Where reviews are posted

All of my reviews will be posted on my blog first and foremost. They will also be posted on Goodreads and Amazon. Any eARCs received from Netgalley or First To Read will have reviews posted on their respective sites, as well. Every book review is promoted on Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, I may review physical books on my Youtube Channel, Hectic Eclectic.

What I discuss in reviews

The first part of a book that draws me in is world-building. It will be the part I am most interested in and critical of. In addition to world-building, the characters’ personalities and growth will be key factors taken into account during my reviews. The realistic development of a character can make or break a book for me. Naturally, plot will play an important role in my reviews, as well.

I do not read other reviews before reading the book or writing my review so my review remains unbiased and unswayed by other opinions. My rating system is based on 5-stars (or biohazard symbols as seen below.)


  • All ARC reviews will be posted within 7 days of a book’s release.
  • I enjoy participating in blog tours and hosting author interviews as part of a book’s release to help promote the book and the author.
  • I do not guarantee positive reviews. I maintain that I am honest and open with all my reviews even if they are negative.

Rating System


I read the book. I did not enjoy it, and would not recommend it, but I did manage to get all the way through it.


I read the book and found at least one part of the book that I enjoyed. However, the book had some undesirable qualities and therefore will not be recommended.

three 3-stars

I read this book and can say I enjoyed it. However, it was simply an enjoyable read. It lacked specific qualities to make it spectacular. I may or may not recommend this book.


I read this book and enjoyed it rather well. There were quite a few qualities of the book that kept me mesmerized and entertained. I may have even forgotten the real world for a time while reading. I recommend this book.


I read this book and loved it! Everything aspect of the story was interesting and realistic and I found myself unable to put it down. I couldn’t wait to read more and find out what happened next. I would recommend this book and pray for a sequel.

Review Schedule

Book Title Author Pub Date Review Date Source
The Beastly Bones  William Ritter  Sep 22, 2015 Jan 21, 2018  Bought
 Society of Wishes (ARC)  Elise Kova  Jan 29, 2018 Jan 28, 2018  Author