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Favorite Book Published in 2017

December already?! You know what the means: It's time for another Calendar Girls book pick! 😀 What was your favorite book of 2017?


July Update

It's August already? Is time speeding up or something? Well, even if it is, here is my wrap up for July! Dang was it an awesome month!


June Update

What the- Where did June go?! No. Seriously. Did someone steal it because I don't remember living it. But I guess it went by... so here's my June update! How'd your June go?


2017 Goals

Goals are important. They offer direction and motivation. Where would we be without them? Well... Lost, because that's what I am. So, check out my new 2017 goals!


May Update

Another day. Another month. Another blog wrap-up post. May wasn't good for me. How about you?


April Update

I swear I'm losing time. It's May already! That means it's time for a wrap-up and while I was productive in some parts... other parts need work. See how my April went and tell me about yours!


March Update

Hold the phone! Where did March go?! It can't be April already, can it?Well, it's time for a blogging update, then! Let me know how your March went!


Jan/Feb Update

It's MARCH?! Are you kidding me? Where'd the last two months go? Check out my Jan/Feb wrap-up and let me know how your 2017 is going!


Monthly Update {December}

December is here and gone with a flash! Time to review! Check out what amazing things happened on my blog this month and tell me about your December in the comments!

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Calendar Girls 2017!

Some of you may have noticed the Calendar Girls teasers I've been leaving on my blog. Well, now's the time for the final reveal and January's theme! Come check out this new monthly event and join up!