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{REVIEW} The Kill Order by James Dashner

{REVIEW} The Kill Order by James Dashner
[Genre: YA Scifi, Post-Apoc]
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{DNF} Royal Replicas by Michael Pierce (ARC)

DNF: Royal Replicas by Michael Pierce Read more about why I could NOT finish this book and why you should avoid it.

World of Radiation

My Only Hope

Continued from: 'Still Human' I gulp down as much water as I can from the river. The cool liquid calms me, but it does nothing to ease my hunger. My stomach grumbles and clenches. I haven't eaten all day. Not being mauled, or worse, by an attacker kind of took priority, but I'm no longer in… Continue reading My Only Hope

World of Radiation

Still Human

Continued from 'Fiends' "You can't possibly mean that one of us should die for the other to leave this territory unscathed," Derek questions. The woman's gaze softens, but it still holds the dark nature in her green eyes. "You don't think me fair?" Derek inches back a step. The woman glances to the man beside… Continue reading Still Human