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{REVIEW} Winter Glass by Lexa Hillyer

{REVIEW} Winter Glass by Lexa Hillyer
[Genre: YA Fairytale Retelling]
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Is it possible to overARC - request more ARCs than you have the time to read and review? Join the discussion and share your opinion!

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{REVIEW} Devils & Thieves by Jennifer Rush (ARC)

{REVIEW} Devils & Thieves by Jennifer Rush
[Genre: YA Urban Fantasy]
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Flavia nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award back in '16! It only took me... like 9 months to get to this. Hahahaha! Better late than never, right? Check out my answers to her fun questions and see how I nominated!


{DISCUSSION} Book Length

Books of all genres can vary widely in their length. Some are only a couple hundred pages. Some are thousands. Question is does this have an impact on which book you read next?

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Discussion Highlights: ARCs vs Final Copy

Missed last week's discussion on whether ARCs are better than final copies of books? No worries! Here's the highlights and a sneak peek of this week's topic!


{DISCUSSION} ARC vs Final Copy

Book bloggers are all about them ARCs, but... are they really that amazing? Join the discussion and tell us what your thoughts are on ARCs!

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{REVIEW} The Edge of the Abyss by Emily Skrutskie

{REVIEW} The Edge of the Abyss by Emily Skrutskie [Genre: YA Scifi] Read more about why I rated it 3 stars!