{DISCUSSION} Mental Health = Weak

Does having a mental health disorder make a person weak? Let's discuss.

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Adrenaline

Bang! The sudden onslaught of noise bombarded my ears. Even before I was aware, my body reacted. Like lightning firing through my body, my nerves interacted, sending messages to my diaphragm. It clenched. The muscle contraction seared painfully like someone had set my insides ablaze. In milliseconds the tension eased. My lungs expanded to full capacity as… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Adrenaline



My lunch break at work never falls at a time when I'm hungry. So, I read. I've taken to reading in a few different places: outside, on a bench in the lobby, in the break room. Some have offered natural light. Some have offered a quiet place. Yet, now it's getting too cold to sit outside,… Continue reading Awareness