I have many bookish pet peeves, but let's add to the list: stories where no one dies. WHY?! Join the discussion!

World of Radiation

Blood Battling

Continued from 'No Pain, No Gain' Her chest heaves. Sweat trickles down her cheeks. Her hair plasters to her head. Blood covers the whole of her shirt now caused by other slices she's endured from my water attacks. She even looks ready to tip over. Yet, she stands before me, shoulders slumped and half-dead, still ready to… Continue reading Blood Battling

World of Radiation

No Pain, No Gain

Continued from 'Igniting Embers' My jaw hardens as the fire hurls in my direction, nothing but air in its path. As much as I don't want to fight Alice, I can't let myself be turned into cooked meat, which is the only thing filling my thoughts as I slide my hand across my brow. The… Continue reading No Pain, No Gain