{DISCUSSION} Sensitivity Readers

The publishing industry needs to be more inclusive, but writers can be too. All they need is patience, open-mindedness, and sensitivity readers.

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Where have I been?

May was a rough month and I couldn't have managed it alone. Read about the highs and lows of my May and share with me yours!


{DISCUSSION} Importance of Reading

How important is reading? Read about my struggle and join the discussion!


Monthly Update{FEB}/Book Haul/Life…man I’m way behind

So, as may have noticed, I completely, utterly, and totally failed to bring you a monthly update at the beginning of March. >.> That's what I get for trying to divide my brain between too many things. *sigh* But the good news is I'm updating y'all now on... well, everything! :p I've been accepted to… Continue reading Monthly Update{FEB}/Book Haul/Life…man I’m way behind