{DISCUSSION} Shelf Overflow

You ever had to deal with having too many books? What about too many books you didn't like? Discuss having a shelf overflow and what to do with it!

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SO NEAR THE HORIZON by Jessica Koch published yesterday! Check out an excerpt and note from the author!


Discussion Highlights: Blacklisting Authors

Missed last week's discussion on blacklisting authors? No worries! Here's the highlights and a sneak peek at this week's discussion topic!

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Best Paranormal Novel

Welcome to October! Which means it's time for another Calendar Girls! Check out my pick for Best Paranormal Novel!


{DISCUSSION} Blacklisting Authors

Have you ever decided to NEVER read a book by a specific author EVER AGAIN?! I have, but the question is when do you blacklist that author? Come share your thoughts about blacklisting authors!

Calendar Girls, Updates

Calendar Girls September Wrap-Up!

Another successful month of Calendar Girls and some great book picks to prove it! Check out the books picked for Best Contemporary Novel!


{DISCUSSION} ‘Young Adult’

Why are young adult books supposed to be geared towards teenagers when young adults can be in their early twenties, too? Discuss with me the ludicrousness behind young adult fiction.



Blog styles change. Review styles change. Personalities and preferences change. So... don't book reviews change? Then when is a good time to re-do a book review?

Calendar Girls

Best Contemporary Novel

What?! Another Calendar Girls pick already?! That's right and this month's theme is 'Best Contemporary Novel.' Check out my pick for the month and share yours!