Some people consider manga to be reading. Others consider it to be... well, not. So what do you think? Is manga a book you can read or is it more about the art?

flash fiction friday
Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Fate

Lifeless, his body lay. Breathless, his chest sank. Motionless, his blood became. And a smirk curled my lips. She caressed his cheek. Words caught in her throat. Tears dangled on her lashes. But he was gone. And try as that young elf might, she failed. She didn't save him. She never could have for his fate was set.… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Fate

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Unfazed

The wind snatched off her hood. It whipped her ebony hair out behind her. The breeze tugged on her pea-coat, revealing the tops of her black knee-high stockings. Gusts yanked on the wheat stalks. They snapped against her bare thighs as if willing her to turn back. Unfazed, she trudged on. Nothing would stop her. Nothing would ease the murderous… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Unfazed

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Trickster

Her laugh lilts through the air like snowflakes dancing on the wind. Her thin, delicate fingers touch her pink lips to cover the laugh, her icy blue eyes watching me with amusement. "This is my disguise." Furry ears ease out of her layers of silver hair. A long, fluffy tail uncurls behind her. Extending towards me, it… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Trickster

New Years Resolutions

Ryan’s 2016 New Years Resolutions

Hello, My name is Ryan Bernard and I am a hobby artist who is currently fully employed in an entirely separate field. My mediums of choice are Pencil/Ink and Photography. I have recently gotten into digital painting at a very beginner level. I have been drawing on and off since I was in middle school… Continue reading Ryan’s 2016 New Years Resolutions