Within 200 posts I managed to snag 200 followers! WHAT?! There are 200 other crazy people on this planet that care about the nonsensical words I spew onto the internet? (Like what I'm doing right now :p) So, y'all realize that you're all just as crazy as I am, right? 'Cuz, you know... you're… Continue reading 200 Followers!

New Years Resolutions

Cristina’s 2016 New Years Resolutions

Resolutions: Hi, I'm not very into this resolutions kind of thing, but this is kind of fun! I'll give you a personal, blogging and bookish resolution for 2016! 1. Finish my PhD and find a job in my field. This is not a very bookish/bloggish related resolution, but it's a very huge one in my… Continue reading Cristina’s 2016 New Years Resolutions



0.0 *blink blink* That's... uh... a big number in that orange circle up there... and... it's for my blog... o.0 EH?! What's with all you people? Following my blog like you... enjoy it or something? Psh! What a concept! :p As y'all can see I'm still quite baffled by the concept of people following my… Continue reading 100 Followers!



Alright, I know it's not my usual posting day, but I gotta comment on something. I've noticed that each time I get a notification informing me that someone has followed my blog, I just kind of stare at it. Stare at it. And stare at it. And stare at it... Why? Not sure. Honestly, I think I'm waiting… Continue reading Followers