Hiroshima: WWII Memorials

Ohayo Gozaimasu! Hiroshima: WWII One of the most popular cities to visit outside of Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto is Hiroshima. It's not like the other cities where there are tons of otaku shops, clothing shops, or traditional Japanese culture. Even so, Hiroshima is rich with history. After all, it's a city that still shows remnants… Continue reading Hiroshima: WWII Memorials


Japanese Food: Momiji Manju

Itadakimasu! Momiji Manju Momiji manju is a traditional omiyage, or souvenir/present, from Hiroshima. It is a cake baked in the shape of a maple leaf and most often has filling. Common fillings are made from bean paste and, in particular, the one I had was filled with adzuki bean(red bean) paste that was only lightly… Continue reading Japanese Food: Momiji Manju