Days of Christmas, Guest Posts

Best Christmas Movies: New & Old

There are movies for every time of year, but Christmas movies are the best! Tracy shares her favorite Christmas movies today! Check out her favorites and leave yours in the comments!

Days of Christmas, Guest Posts

Krampus: The Yule Lord

Bloggers aren't the only ones who enjoy the Christmas season! Artists do, too! And Ryan Bernard was happy to share a piece of his art with us! Check out his Krampus and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Days of Christmas, Guest Posts

Christmas Across Continents

How we celebrate Christmas is part of our culture, but what if you've grown up in multiple different cultures? Flavia has and she's sharing her experience with us! Read more about Christmas in different countries and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Christmas

A warm glow emanated from the twinkling lights. With the world outside still a backdrop of darkness, the Christmas tree shone like a beacon of hope. It cast its light about the living room. The small space danced to life with the glitter of the presents under the tree, the sheen of the white marble mantel… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Christmas

Days of Christmas

On the 6th day of Christmas…

Fröhlicher Nikolaustag! Haha! For all of you who don't speak German that means 'Happy St. Nicholas Day!' ^.^ In case you don't know, today is a holiday. I haven't seen it celebrated much in America, but it's celebrated in Germany and a few other European countries. What is this holiday, you ask? It's a holiday… Continue reading On the 6th day of Christmas…