With all the reboots out nowadays, one must ask: Is anything sacred? Join the discussion!


{DISCUSSION} Female Villains

Female Villains are few and far between. Female Villains with LEGITIMATE reasons for being villains are like magical unicorn-dragon hybrids. Why? Join the discussion!


{DISCUSSION} Disney’s Supposed White-Washing

Why are so many Disney princesses Caucasian? Well, there is a very good explanation behind this. Let's discuss!

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Discussion Highlights: Movie Adaptations

Missed last week's discussion on movie adaptations? No worries! Here's the highlights and a sneak peek of this week's topic!


{DISCUSSION} Movie Adaptations

Oh lordy have there been some BAD movie adaptations of books. It begs the question should we even adapt books into film?

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On the 17th day of Christmas…

Frosty the 'Creepy' Snowman Of the many movies on my to-watch list for this season, 'Frosty the Snowman' is a classic. Every one has to watch it. It's one of those that has become a staple in the holiday season what with snowmen being built outside, cookies shaped like snowmen, snowmen decorations. Frosty is definitely part… Continue reading On the 17th day of Christmas…