With all the reboots out nowadays, one must ask: Is anything sacred? Join the discussion!


{DISCUSSION} Disney’s Supposed White-Washing

Why are so many Disney princesses Caucasian? Well, there is a very good explanation behind this. Let's discuss!

discussion highlights

Discussion Highlights: Movie Adaptations

Missed last week's discussion on movie adaptations? No worries! Here's the highlights and a sneak peek of this week's topic!


{DISCUSSION} Romanticizing the Apocalypse

Apocalypse movies, tv shows, and books are all the rage and have been for some time. So much so that people seem to want an apocalypse. Read more about why an apocalypse should NEVER be romanticized and tell me your thoughts!

Days of Christmas, Guest Posts

Can’t Pick Just One

Some people love Christmas so much they can't pick just one favorite thing. Megan is one of those people. She picked five favorite things about Christmas! Read about her favorites and leave yours in the comments!

Days of Christmas, Guest Posts

Best Christmas Movies: New & Old

There are movies for every time of year, but Christmas movies are the best! Tracy shares her favorite Christmas movies today! Check out her favorites and leave yours in the comments!

Days of Christmas, Guest Posts

Bad Holiday Horror Movies

For some people, Christmas isn't a happy time. So Lilyn watches bad holiday-themed horror movies instead. Read about some of her favorite Christmas-themed horror movies and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Freebie! (Jan. 26, 2016)

Freebie Week! I'm way excited for this week's Top Ten Tuesday brought to us by The Broke and the Bookish! My theme this week is 'Movie Adaptations for Books I've Never Read'. Sounds fun, huh? We'll see! Movie Adaptations For Books I've Never Read 1) Fight Club This is one of my favorite movies of all time because it's… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Freebie! (Jan. 26, 2016)

Days of Christmas

On the 2nd day of Christmas…

Dear Jack Frost, Where is the snow?! I mean, honestly! It's already December 2nd. You've graced us with snow this holiday season already, dashing it across the front lawn on November 21st, two days before my birthday, which I love! Don't get me wrong! I love snow on my birthday, but I love it even… Continue reading On the 2nd day of Christmas…