World of Radiation

Trust No One

Continued from 'Fatal Noise' Above me, the sunlight outlines a shadow. The shadow of a person. An androgynous shadow of a person. My eyes narrow to get a better look at them, but it does little to accentuate their features. "Are you okay?" The shadow crouches down next to me, no longer just an outline of… Continue reading Trust No One

World of Radiation

Igniting Embers

Continued from 'Something More' Glancing sidelong at Alice, I keep pace with her. What's she looking for? What does she really think is out here? "You shouldn't have come," she mutters. "It's too late to go back now," I answer, settling my gaze on the blank expanse of land in front of us. Adamantly, an edge creeping… Continue reading Igniting Embers